Donate your INK characters, please!

Skin Tone: light

Face Shape: Soft heart

Eyes: Unturned Feline

Brows: Seductive Arch

Lips: Full Round

Hair: Fishtail Braid

Nose: Upturned

Outfit: Cafe Musician

Name: Zeri

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Skin Tone: Light

Face: Defined Triangle

Eyes: Sloping Smolder

Brow: Medium Sharp

Lips: Uneven

Hair: Spiked Up Hair

Nose: Button

Outfit: Casual Green

Name: Hunter Hayden

Age: 16

Sex: Male

You’ll have to go to an art shop, thanks for the character though. And I love the name! Welcome to Forums!

@kinghuddy Thank you!

@Zeri_Rose Thanks! I needed another male (still do)

@Epi.milkyway KK, I put her as 14


Okay, thank you. I’m still kind of new here

It’s fine, I was way worse when I first started…

I’m excited to read your story

Thank you! I’m excited to write it!

Name (if needed):Scarlet Sharp
Sexuality (if needed): bisexual
Role: Shapeshifter
Age: 21
Credit: @zapcatini.episode on instagram
Skin Color: Taupe
Eyebrows: Mature Round
Hair: Straight
Hair Color: Black
Eyes: Downturned Natural
Eye color: Hickory
Nose: Soft Natural
Face Shape: Oval
Mouth: Full Round
Lips: Ruby Red

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Thank you!

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Role ~ Tribrid: Werewolf, Vampire, and Witch
Age ~ 21
Credit ~ @Stephanie16

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Ooh, I like the tribrid, same as Hope Mikaelson!

Thanks for the character!

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I love the Originals! It actually inspired me to pick the tribrid and you’re welcome! :grin:

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I love the Originals too, just wish I had Netflix. Humph :confused:

Me too. I only watched the Originals when a new episode would come out on tv. I wish I could rewatch it tho. :no_mouth:

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I didn’t know it existed until my best friend told me last month, and now…I’m addicted

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It’s really good! Have you seen Vampire Diaries?


Age: 17

Role: Shapeshifters

Outfit: Green Lace Peek Blouse, Goth Girl Skirt, Plain Sheer Leggings, Emerald Sporty Chic Sneakers , Silver Pendant Necklace ,Silver Rising Star Earrings, Rectangular Thin Glasses

Age: 22

Role: Wolf

Outfit: Cool Leather Jacket, tank top (cream), Cargo Pants (Black), and Black High Top Dance Shoes

Age: 18

Role: Vampire

Outfit: Goth Girl Top (Dusty Purple), Skater Navy Blue Ripped Shorts, Sheer Star Leggings, Goth Girl Shoes, Moon Necklace

Age: 20

Role: Wizard

Outfit: Mauve Blue Crewneck Sweater, Black Tight Pants, Skater Guy Black Sneakers, Skater Guy Beanie

Credit me by Ayu-chan

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I started watching it but I wasn’t really interested. I might go back though…I’m still thinking about it.

Thank you!

You’re welcome :wink: