Don't agree with the hate towards 'cliche' stories

I see a lot of forums that rant and express hate towards cliche stories on the app and bigger authors not deserving the reads they get. If an author likes writing stories that are ‘cliche’ and they can make it interesting, why all the hate? Nearly every idea has been done these days, and you can’t hate them for writing what people like to read about :woman_shrugging: everyone on the app has worked really hard to get to the reads they have, I just find it really salty when people say “this story is sooo overrated” “this story is terrible” it’s just rude and unnecessary :face_with_head_bandage:


I’ve never seen people saying that others don’t deserve reads :thinking: If someone did, God, that’s mean.
If a story exists it means that it has a demographic for it. As you said everything is cliché, it’s how you write it that makes a story original! I’ve read some really good cliches that I truly enjoyed and some stories that are thought to be more “original” that I didn’t fully liked.
The only cliches that I do not support are the toxic ones. Rpe, Sxual assault and in general the main character being a weak woman that needs a man to defend herself or worse, when the person who does these disgusting things is the LI.
Also, I’m extremely sorry that I say this as I know that you write about this theme, I really can’t read anything that has mafia in it. This is totally my problem, obviously a lot of readers enjoy this, but as an Italian I’m constantly portrayed as a criminal. Every time I read an Italian surname in a story I know immediately that it has mafia in it and I click off. My culture is more than just mafia, I don’t think it should be romanticized because of the horrible things they did. They k*lled people, stole from others, interfered with our politics yet outside of Italy they’re seen as love interests.
Again, this is 100% my problem, my patriotic as * just can’t read about this :sweat_smile:


I find it a lot people saying this I agree. I have a the need and the bad boy story and people say that it’s too cliche. But I doesn’t matter to me. Because I write sometime that I LIKE. If people doesn’t like it, then your not forced to read it Yhea I love getting reads but you can’t give someone. I dedicated a lot in my life to this story and still do. It is rude but it’s how life is. People don’t like it…but we can’t do anything about it


I’ve seen a lot of people say that tbh.
And yeah trust me, there are some really good cliches, I’m just a person that thinks if somebody doesn’t have anything nice to say then they shouldn’t say it at all because it can really knock an author’s motivation down and hurt them when they receive all the hate messages.
Yeah I get why you wouldn’t support those themes, tbh my story is about how the girl was in a toxic relationship but realised what she deserved and left the guy, more like a learning curve than glorifying toxic relationships.
Yeah I get what you mean with Italian mafias, but mafias exist everywhere tbf, I don’t romanticize mafia in my stories but rather show how bad they can be


trust me, people should be supporting each other and if they don’t like the theme of a story then they should just not read it instead of complaining about it :woman_shrugging:


Yhea I agree. Like I said, I have a cliche story myself. People just want to put their thoughts out there. They want to let people know what kind of stories they don’t like just like how we want to tell people about our thoughts.

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I fortunately never seen it, if someone says something about your story block and ignore. I can’t even imagine how you must feel, I don’t get why anyone would read a story knowing that they won’t like it. Just read the description and move on if you’re not into it :woman_facepalming:t2:
You’re the first one that I see that portraits it in a bad light, thank you!
Yeah, mafia is everywhere but I’ve never read a story that has an Italian in it that wasn’t involved in mafia.
But again, everyone has themes that they like and themes that they don’t. Only because I personally don’t like it it doesn’t mean that others shouldn’t write about it. I’m just a none with an opinion that nobody asked for :sweat_smile:


Same. I completely agree. If an author likes writing something whether it be what some people call “cliche” or not, it is still their own story. It’s kind of like saying, “Oh I don’t like The Rolling Stones because they sound like The Beatles, how unoriginal.” When both are some of the most famous bands of all time… It’s merely based around a similar style, and same goes for the stories, but just like the Stones and the Beatles they both made the idea unique. It’s obviously not unoriginal if it gets a lot of reads. :woman_shrugging: It’s kind of like if you don’t like the story, keep it to yourself. It’s demotivating for an author to hear that crap.


Is it hate though? For me personally, I know some comments but they are more towards bored and tired of cliches, haha but I don’t think its classify hate…or maybe I haven’t come across it? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

I think it’s also because cliches are already in abundance that’s why these things are starting. People are worried the loss of original ideas with the influx and saturatedness of cliche stories…and to be honest, some cliche stories are… well not really as well written which is perhaps another factor that caused all the rage… So the idea is that creativity is shrinking and limited…everything will be standardised.

However, it’s ok to write them because everyone has their own thoughts and perspectives and it’s true almost every idea is already used and taken so to come up with something from scratch and original is truly and immensely difficult.

Nevertheless, cliches do have soft spot within most if not all of us that we care to admit haha.


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Obviously people have the right to their own opinion, but its the way that opinion is expressed that makes it hate in my view. People saying that a story is really bad, swearing at the author, saying “why does this awful story have so many reads???” (most of the time because they’re jealous), that’s what I don’t agree with

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I mostly agree; I don’t like cliches, but I don’t have enough energy to actively hate them. I save my hate, preserve it, for people or things that truly deserve it. :upside_down_face:

If people want to read something, they read it, it’s a free country. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to read it. Read what you want, don’t read what you don’t want.

I might say, in my true narcissistic nature, that my story is more creative than 90% of the stories on this app. That doesn’t mean that I will be, or even deserve to be, in the top 10% of reads. Creativity isn’t necessarily a measure of success, there are so many aspects that will pull a story together and make it good or popular.

People saying “tHiS sToRy DoEsN’t DeSeRvE sO mAnY rEaDs” are rude and need a hobby lmao, you wouldn’t have time to complain about stories you don’t like if you were busy reading ones you do like. :upside_down_face:

I’d disagree with this though, there are lots of new ideas to do, but they involve reaching to the very limits of the imagination. Most stories that have to be based on the present reality, though, will have overlap with similar ones, that’s pretty inevitable.

Closing note: If people are telling you that you don’t deserve so many reads, they’re probably jealous. :sunglasses: Haters gonna hate.


Yes I agree the way and manner it is done is really awful and often enough it is indeed jealousy. It’s a common trait but also because it is really a very competitive world out there.

"People saying that a story is really bad, swearing at the author, saying “why does this awful story have so many reads???”

Are there targetting the plot or directing? Nonetheless, it’s still horrible the way they targetted their response.

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It’s just stuff I’ve seen on the forums bashing the plots of stories tbf

I have absolutely noticed this too.


I’ve seen a few and one just recently where someone said some stories are a waste of time and passes.
Like seriously who does that?
Anyway we all are entitled to our opinions but again some of those opinions are mean


Like a few other members on here don’t know when to say something and when not to. What is appropriate and what is not.
To me if you read a story and you don’t like it just stop reading and move on. Don’t be mean because the fact that you don’t like that particular story does not mean others won’t


I can’t agee more.

people who say this forget that the reads are not about some measurable quality but about popularity.

There is no rule that the highers quality stories with deep context worth pullizer price will automaticly get the highest number of reads.

It is like with films the most popular are often the steretipical blockbaster…and there is nothing wrong about it…I mean stories anyway use archetypes and clasical schemes most of the times…that is not bad that is how storry teling works how our brain process them…

like half of the faritails is about princes being saved by princ …it worked for hundred yeas of storitelling simply because such stories people did liked even it is cliche like hell thanks to it.
That doesnt make it bad story.


Woah, what the hell? :flushed:
This is not an opinion, their freedom ends where yours begin so them saying something like this has no value other than hurting the author. I must be living under a rock but I was happier in my own ignorance :woman_facepalming:t2: Why are people like this?


Well, I do agree, but they put their work on a public platform, what people say we can’t really do anything about.

That’s just their opinion, I don’t feel the need to worry about what the “negative” people are saying and just focus on the positive.

Should they just keep it to themselves? Just like the positive feedback, they deserve to have a say as well.


There’s nothing wrong with criticism that aims to make the story better but comments like « this sucks » are just mean and unnecessary. Sure they’re allowed to say whatever they want about your story, but what’s the point of saying stuff like that