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Hey, I want to make a new story, but have don’t know what to write about I have one idea, but I feel it seems like other stories. If you have a story idea I can use put it down below.
I will not use the exact story idea, I will change things, I just need inspiration on what I want my story to be about (if that made sense) At some point I asked my sister for ideas, but didn’t like it very much BUT I changed a few things about it and it seemed a little different. I have published a story already, btw. Please do not put something that has already been done or you will use.

Genres I prefer: Action, romance, Fantasy, drama. But any genre is fine to say.

Any writer block ideas would be great help too.

I just need help lol :persevere: :joy:


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@livvy613 came up with an idea called Back In Black. We’ll never actually use it, but here’s the desc.

Hailey Monturo was kidnapped and killed 5 years ago. Her killer is unknown. Now it’s the anniversary of her death, and something strange is happening. Teenagers around her age are disappearing and are turning up dead, the same way she died.
You’re starting to receive death threats, and you realize the killer is still at large. Can you crack the case before you’re next?

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Solved and closed. :smiley:

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