Dont find a background

Were is the background for the teacher before a class?

What do you mean?

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the desk in school were the teacher stands

It is an overlay…
Its called PODIUM

and ho does that works?

You have to use that overlay in your script…
Here is a guide…

But isn’t she/he wants the character behind the podium??

@Zoekezoef what do you want…
Character behind it or in front of it??

But that background doesn’t have an “OL” for an overlay…
Would that work??

thanks i will try…:grin:

What do you mean?

Not all backgrounds with overlays have “OL” in the name.

I didn’t knew that thank you…
But what are the others that can be used as an background with already an overlay??

There was somebody ho had a tutorial but i cant find it not more in here, can you repost it please.

In the art catalog, click on the “tag” dropdown menu and scroll down to “overlay”. All the backgrounds with overlays in them will show.

Thank you…:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

behind please i only need it once i will use notepad to put it for the next time. just a teacher talking behind the overlay podium.

yes i did find that already but i dont know ho to use it.

The background you provided above has the podium already in the scene.

what do you mean