Don't have the club feature

I don’t have the update and there is no option for me to update. I don’t know what to do. My friends are telling me to be patient. But I think that there is something wrong.

Hi there @Waxeye, you may need to submit a help ticket to the support team to figure out why your app hasn’t updated :smiley:

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Honestly you’re just going to have to wait, not everyone has the feature yet, so you might get it soon!

At this point I’m doubtful that I’ll get it soon. It seems only iOS users got it first so yeah. :face_exhaling:

Although I did just receive the treasure chest feature. But I’m still doubtful.

I use ios (ipad pro), and the features are the same like yours, there’s no read club/ shelf/ editor pick. Let me know if you get the solution for it.