Don't know how to delete this post <3

Hi, thanks a ton. Not sure how to delete this post, but I received the needed feedback. :slight_smile:


is it publish? already . anyway I can send you a rewiew . though my rewiew is just my thoughts while I read the story, also I can be a bit rude

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I can take rude. My main concern is that the episodes are too short. I took note of the suggested length from the guides, but they still feel really, really short. Other than that, Iā€™m a bit concerned about the directing, itself. I would be immensely grateful if you would send me the toughest review of all time. Iā€™m really using the critique for my second story, anyway, as I mentioned. Thanks a ton. Would you be able to send it over message rather than as a comment?

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I can do it as well. PM me the link so we can check that out together!

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Topic closed since OP has stated they have gotten what they needed.