Don't Mess With Kata- DMWK (giving away my story)

I’m giving away my story ideas because I have personal problems and I can’t compromise to publish stories and update them regularly. I know that some of you want to publish something and don’t have ideas or are currently having writer’s block, so here’s your chance. <3

Description: Being too competitive is a problem when you caused an accident and everyone believed it was on purpose. Can Todd see right through you and discover your real personality?

MC: Kata Vaszoly.

LI: Todd Pollard.

The story is about an athletic girl who caused, her strong personality is mistaken for rudeness even tho she is extremely friendly. Sometimes strong women are seeing as bossy no matter if they are polite.


  • You can’t change the character’s appearance, I don’t ask too much so I think it’s fair to have a requirement. You can add CC, but this is the default look. (this doesn’t apply to secondary characters and family members).
  • The story is going to be completely yours. You can sell it to Episode, get revenues and even write a spin-off if you want.
  • I already have the 30 chapters ready, but you are free to experiment and modify the story (except the main plot). I will be here in case you are struggling with new ideas, but we can also stick to the original storyline.
  • I won’t code, write dialogues, create outfits, or anything like that. I won’t be a co-writer, I can’t compromise to that. You will put in the hard work so that’s why the story is going to be 100% yours!
  • YOU HAVE TO FINISH THE STORY, it doesn’t matter if it takes some time, remember that I will be here in case you feel stuck. I understand that you may have personal issues, but please don’t make me give you a story that you won’t finish.

I think the story sounds amazing! I’d love to take it on!

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