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Hi everyone! I’ve been writing a story for a while now, but when I published the first three episodes, I realized that this story was trash literally trash. Therefor I decided to write on my phone in a document and literally think about the storyline much more, because before I didn’t plan my storyline at all. So It’s basically a revamped version of my old story.
But I need a new title for the story, I also need a new cover but I need a title before I can think of covers etc. I understand if It’s confusing what I am asking for… I’m asking for help with my title name for my story.
So if anybody have any suggestions It would be great!
Story description:
Violet George, innocent, kind, and the girl next door, meets Alissa Smith, the badass sassy new girl. What happens when the complete opposite becomes best friends? Love and drama.
Thanks for the help! :kissing_cat:


Neighbouring girl?
The person next door?
Just a door away?


That Girl Next Door?
Love between 2 doors?


Thanks for replying! :kissing_cat:


Thanks for the ideas! :kissing_cat:


Who would have thought?


No problems :wink:
I really didn’t had anything to do😂lol😅