Don't outfits stay the same between episodes?

I keep on seeing stories where a chapter will end with the character wearing a certain outfit (without any kind of outro that involves changing clothing), and in the next episode, the author asks you to re-pick the outfits.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t outfit choices roll over to the next episode? I know that web previewer doesn’t show this, but I thought that in-app, you wouldn’t need to re-pick an outfit.

(Unless I’m totally wrong and my character has just been changing back into her default pajamas at the beginning of ever episode)


They normally should, mine do.

they do stay in the same outfit, but maybe the author wants to add an accessory/clothing piece to your already existing outfit, and in that case, they’ll need to code it in :blush: I make no sense, but yeah that lol

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