Don't You Find It Weird & Embarrassing?

Ok, let’s say your at school, in class, sitting next to classmates, while the teacher, teaches.

Then you hear this loud weird sound and your classmates heard it as well. You are curious about the noise and want to know where it is coming from, then you feel a weird feeling in your stomach, then, BOOM. There is the sound again FROM YOUR STOMACH.

Then you find it so weird and embarrassing that your classmates heard the loud sound , and it was your stomach.

Like, have you ever been embarrassed or felt weird about it?


When your stomach growls loudly? Yes!


:rofl: yeah happened to me once AFTER lunch during a test and everyone was looking at me and I was trying so hard not to laugh.


Oh my gosh, that’s literally me every day… rip :joy::persevere:
I just get so hungry during class :tired_face:

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