Dont You Just Love It When People Are Using Your Backgrounds

Still working/finishing Halloween Backgrounds very soon. I am totally hooked to this story. Im glad I make such good backgrounds for others to use, and its me feel happy, and proud, that I am doing a lot for the community. So, IF YOU HAVE A STORY, AND YOU ARE USING MY BACKGROUNDS. DROP THEM BELOW, SO I CAN GIVE THEM A READ. :wink::heart_eyes::sunglasses::fist::100::heavy_check_mark::+1:

Story by; @KerriStrwberry


:heart_eyes::weary: can’t wait til you finish my other backgrounds you are working on because it only makes my story that much better! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:



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Hey, those are some nice backgrounds. However, I would say that I’ve seen the background stall in one of @/ShellyG’s background, Can you please specify if it was stolen or a commercially free image for everyone which you happened to find?
Sorry for the inconvenience, and I won’t try to tag someone unless there’s a problem.
If you’re not sure what I mean, it’s this:
(Also, if not, may I advise you that the shower stall be pulled upwards? The ceiling isn’t there, so it looks rather odd in comparison.
(@lanafrazer_episode Sorry for being off topic)


I erased the background

Sorry you thought that

Alright, I understand, but as in erased from the commercially free image or from ShellyG’s image?

Free and Original Episode Background


So do you mean that you found a commercially free image of a bathroom online, and you cropped the stall, so this makes your background an original episode background?


No what I’m saying is I erased the background of an Original Episode Background

So are you talking about this? I think you might have misinterpreted as I’m talking about the bathroom stall which isn’t on Episode’s art catalog.


I’m not talking about that one

Plus I’m not really seeing what’s the problem

Wait, so can you show me the original Episode background for the stall then? I’m just confused here.

I deleted because after I’m done cropping and erasing I delete the image for space

Yes, but if it’s an Episode Original background, all I’d have to do is search it up on the art catalog to find it. See:

But it isn’t there?

So is there a goal in the conversation, all I did was look up original episode interactive backgrounds and reversed searched it.

If I delete the background can this be over with.

Wait, if it’s via google like this:

Then I’m sorry to say that there is a problem.
See, google is a extremely unreliable source. It gives you the keywords you search, and you can’t b sure that the sources are commercially free or no credit or for personal use, or none, at all.
Look, there are so many stolen backgrounds already when you type that up.
If it’s via this format, I’d suggest you not to do that/ In fact, many background could be linked to unreliable sharing websites such as pinterest.


I didn’t use google I used ImageSearchMan, P.S I read Captions So I would Know

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