Donutella's Art Shop ~ New & Improved

Hello lovelies! I’m a new Episode writer and artist, who is opening an Art Shop for new Episode fans. So I would love to take anyones’ request about projects. All I ask is to be credited for my pieces in tags or even linking my info. All of this is free and I’ll show you most of my popular pieces of Instagram.

INK Pieces


Independent Piece/ Limelight


I can make cover art and splash pieces, but currently I don’t have any of my current pieces to showcase cause I’m switching platforms.
All ask when requesting, give in FULL detail what you require and I’ll be able to accomplish.
Waiting gaps matter on how big the pieces are. Maximum waiting gap is a week unless I become occupied.

Instagram & Forum Name


I forgot to say I also am capable of doing backgrounds.


Oooo Imma request rn!! Love your work!!! Is their a certain form I should fill out tho :sweat_smile: :heart_eyes: Sorry, it took me long I hope thats okay I was a bit busy with old classwork! :sob: But, I’ll just put my request on this one lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I wanted to request a background pwease :pleading_face: I was thinking a school office for a male principle. I have a sample down below.

Sample office

I was thinking if you could move the chairs to a better view and the desk in the middle and the just the background a school principle office :sweat_smile:

It’s okay if you can’t do I’ll understand :blush:

Can I request a pfp?


Skin: Toffee
Brow: Seductive Arch
Hair: Straight (Chestnut)
Eyes: Upturned Feline. (Hickory)
Face: Oval
Nose: Celestial
Lips: Full Round
Can it be similar to the second example.
Just tweak a little details. Maybe make the moons red.
Outfit: Red top and black leggings.
Can you freestyle the makeup?


No, you can honestly just do your request right here.

Of course.

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Thank you so much!!!

Can you do a fighting arena? One that is for training and one that’s in hell?

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Yes, of course, how big would you like this piece?

Your work is absolutely stunning! Please can I request, or are you busy? <3

I am currently not busy, and would love any requests!

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Okay, thank you! I might be sending a request soon :slight_smile:

No problemo!!!

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Do you make art scenes?

I can do art scenes, they do take more time in styling whether its Limelight, Ink, or independent.

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I would love to request an art scene from you if you don’t mind then! I don’t mind waiting for it to be finished! What details do you need in order to make it?

Alright, as for details, I need:

  • What style would you like it in? Limelight/Ink/Independent

  • How many characters and what do they look like?

  • Background?

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Okay, thanks! My details are below <3

INK or Limelight: INK

Character one (female):
Skin - Olive
Face - Diamond
Hair - Messy Back Bun (Blue Light)
Eyebrows - Smooth Arch
Eyes -Upturned Luxe (Blue)
Nose - Elven
Mouth - Full Round (Taupe)

Character two (male) :
Skin - Tan
Face - Defined Triangle
Hair - Boy Bun (Cayenne)
Eyebrows - Thin Arch
Eyes - Round Piercing (Toffee)
Nose - Button
Mouth - Smirk (Terracotta)


Character poses: Please can the male character have the female character ‘pinned’ against the wall and they are kissing if that makes sense!
Thanks in advance!

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Alrighty, I’ll get started as soon as possible.

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Thank you so much! <3