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Hey I was wondering if you did art scenes? :grin: (Btw LOVE your work! :heart:)

One so it fits the entire screen and another 2 panel one?

Just wondering, but do you know when my edit will be finished?
I don’t want to rush you at all and I understand that you may be busy but I would like to know an estimated time if that is alright (:

3-4 days most likely and I’ll update you one any changes.

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Alrighty, I understand.

I can do it, the deadline when it should be finished is in 5 days from now. I will also upload overlays for the piece.

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Yay! Thank u

***Hi! If you can, I would like one art scene***:blush:
Two characters, style INK

Characters details

Skin tone: Tan
Eyes shape: Gentle Almond
Eyes colour: Brown
Mouth: Small Round
Mouth colour: Terracotta
Face shape: Diamond
Hair: Shaved Sides
Hair colour: Grey
Nose: Strong
Eyebrows: Thick Arch

Skin tone: Honey
Eyes shape: Round Piercing
Eyes colour: Taupe
Mouth: Uneven
Mouth colour: Taupe
Face shape: Defined Triangle
Hair: Short Cropped Hair
Hair colour: Black
Nose: Button
Eyebrows: Medium Sharp


I would like the two figures standing side by side. One is standing, the other is kneeling beside. Their faces are surprised. They have tears in their eyes. I would like their face to look really surprised. Because they both look at the person who has apparently been dead for several months.


Can you do my 2 characters in PNG? Bc I dunno what BG I’ll use in the future XD IF you cant I’ll find sth.

I understand I’ll be able to start on it once I finish one of these pieces. You’ll be on the waiting list, luckily it’s short so I’ll start directly tomorrow.

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Great! Can’t wait to see your work :heart:

okay. Thank you!

Hey! Do you know when my edit may be ready? I don’t want to rush you, but you told me that it will be 3-4 days and you’ll update me if there is a change but it has been 6 days and I haven’t heard from you yet :thinking:

I apologize recently my computer has been corrupted with a virus, I have just got back to the forums. I sincerely apologize to all my patrons and hope to issue the pieces as soon as possible.

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Awh no, I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with a virus. I hope your laptop is alright!
I am happy that you are back on the forums, but do you have any idea when you may be finished? (:

Luckily my pieces were saved, so I should be done by tonight or tomorrow morning.

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That is great! Thank you so so much! <3

No problem.

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Hello darlings, I ask you all for forgiveness for my lateness. I have been dealing with disheartening and frustrating issues in my personal. All recent request pieces should be done by this weekend, I have been working hard and grieving my lost, so I apologize for any frustrating time schedules.


I hope you feel better, love! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: No need to apologize.

Awwwh I’m sorry hun I hope your okay. And ofc anything works! :blush: