Doodle's Fast Cover & Splash Requests [CLOSED TO CATCH UP]

Hello there!

Are you looking for a snazzy, drawing, cover or splash for your story? Well you’ve come to the right place. I’m only going to be taking 3-5 requests at a time so I will post a reply saying when I’m opening and/or closing. A cover can take up to 5-20 minutes (sometimes more) depending on how hard it is to make, so please, be patient.
If you have any suggestions for site’s to use, feel free to reply! :grin:


While I’m making your cover/splash/, don’t go asking for a cover on another thread.

Please don’t ask “When are you going to finish my cover?” or “Are you done with my splash yet?” I can be quite busy some days so I might not finish it by the estimated finish date.

I will allow 5 redo’s max. (number may vary)

Please don’t request a cover and/or splash and then a few days later say you don’t need/want it anymore. If you absolutely don’t want it anymore (like if after 5 redo’s you still don’t like it) I will put your cover/drawing up on this thread and the first one to claim it will have it. (along with some edits on said cover and/or drawing)

You must credit me. Use my forums name and/or this topic

Please don’t get upset if I decline your request. (though that is highly unlikely) I will only decline if it is way to complicated and/or difficult.

Don’t request a cover/drawing for someone else or if you’re not going to use it.

If there’s a piece in the “claiming bin” that you would like, please message me with a picture of the piece you want along with any edits you would like to it.

The first person to message me about a specific piece will get that piece. (unless they decide they don’t want it anymore)

If you do not agree to all of my rules then this is not the thread for you. (Sorry if that sounded rude)




Art Scenes


Coming Soon!

Character Drawings

Claiming Bin

None yet.

Form for Splash
Size: (Large/Small/Both)
Type of Splash: (Warning, Sound, etc.)
Images of Main Character(s): (Optional)
Special Requests and/or Additional Information (Optional)

Form for Cover
Author: (Optional)
Images of Main Character(s): (Optional)
Story Description:
Size: (Large/Small/Both
Special Requests and/or Additional Information (Optional)

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Hello! Do you want a splash and/or cover?

Yes actually

Okay, please fill out the form for the specific thing you want.


Hello! Did you still want something?

Hi! Can I request a cover similar to The Problematic Boy? It isn’t really a cover…

Title: Episode Studio
Author: N/A



Story Description: N/A
Size: Any size
Genre: N/A
Anything else: All the characters hugging
Like this:

But like doing the peace sign and/or eating ice cream. I hope this is okay!

I’ll start on your request tomorrow!

Hello! so sorry for the wait, your request should be finished either today or tomorrow

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Thank you!