Door code scene - don't have a background


Alright, so I’m kinda stuck. I have this scene where the MC is supposed to unlock a door by typing in a code on this code thing, that I’m not even sure what’s called.
Gosh this is so hard to explain.
Well, I don’t have the background of this code thing either, so I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. Should I just not show it and pretend like it’s there? Or is it a place I can find a background of it?
Problem = I don’t have a background of a door code thing, to show to the readers when she’s supposed to unlock the door. What do I do?


Maybe you should search the Internet for a picture of the door code thing?
Like the one in this link:…87.269.6…0…1.41HWnkSvBcw%3D#imgrc=z0PK3IdSK0-ogM:


let me clarify you want a background that has a coding thing type of button like 1,2 and so on… on a door or something…
So that MC can add the code…
Is that right??


I can provide you an overlay that you can use on a door if that’s okay…’
I have some as I made them for my story but that story is on hold right now…
So let me know if you need them…:grinning::grinning:


Yes, I would love that! Thank you very much :blush:


Let me PM you some picture then you can select from it what do you nedd…




Sent have a look…


Thanks for the help! Problem is solved.
@Ryan you can close this thread.