Dorm backround for my story

Does anyone have a college dorm backround they could lend me? I promise to credit you in my story! Thanks :heart:

i think i saw some somewhere in someones drive but I am not sure but feel free to check out

they are mainly linked to people’s Instagram where you can find their drives in the link in their bio

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Thanks, but I couldn’t really find what I was looking for… But thank you!:heart:

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Do you think you know anyone who is open for commissions, doing it for free, and does a pretty good job with backgrounds?

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Maybe they can help you:


Zombie Arts - Art Shop: We make free covers, art scenes etc

💖 LunaLillies Art Shop! [OPEN] We Do Free Art Scenes, Edits Etc

SnowFlake’s Art Shop [OPEN]

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Thanks for the recommendation!