Dorm hallway template

Hi can anyone make me a template for INT. BRISTOLS DORM HALLWAY - DAY please.

You might wanna change the category to art resources. You’ll get more people there. And specify what you want the overlay to be

Do you want someone to make you a spot template or to teach you how to add an overlay into your scene? Or do you want a background made or do you want something like an overlay added in the scene?
If you want a spot template, then this should be in directing help & tips.
If you want to know how to use an overlay, and add it in, then it should also be in the directing help & tips category.
However, if you want a background made or an overlay in the scene, then this should be in art resources.

Your request needs more detail, I believe : )

Are you referring to a script template?

I could make one Friday.


This should be in the directing category then

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