Do's and Don'ts of an Episode story

Since we quarantined, I wanna ask a question. What are some Do’s and Don’ts of an Episode story?

  • For instance, a Do for an Episode story is unique plot lines. Maybe have the female character be someone who thought she was the chosen one, but really is the villain.

  • A Don’t for an Episode story is basic characters. Don’t make them all good or all bad. Make them human. Make the hero of the story do some things that’s considered villainous. Make them have to choose hard choices. Maybe even make us make those choices.

This can be for coding, writing, anything

Have fun lovelies and remember to wash those hands! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  1. Do’s Make long chapters (10-15 minutes long) lines don’t really matter cause sometimes is the coding that takes the most lines.
  2. Don’t Don’t always have sounds on, mostly on special occasions

Do: Show character development through dialogue instead of narration
Don’t: Show pointless scenes of a character getting ready for bed/ in the morning, packing, brushing their teeth, showering etc. if there’s nothing important


DO Plan the story

DONT wing it


What I do for most of my stories :grimacing:

Do try to show, not tell.

Don’t have characters introduce themselves at the beginning of the episode.


Do have correct grammar
Don’t start the story with a classic “i bet you’re wondering, how did I get into this situation?”


I have to disagree with both of them :joy:

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  • DO take the time to plan your characters. Give them hobbies, likes and dislikes, a real identity, and a backstory.

  • DON’T just have the author come onto a black screen, introduce themselves, and talk about how this is your first story and how it gets better after the first three chapters.


Plan your story
Develop your characters
Test your story
Use sound

Use stereotypes
Have the very 1st chapter be only customization and no story
Have meaningless choices (e.g. “Tell the truth” or “Lie” but your character ends up lying anyway even if you pick “Tell the truth”)


You don’t like long chapters?:joy:


Not really :joy:
I am not into “medium” chapter and shorts are NO NO for me :kissing_closed_eyes:


I agree with this. However, if the language you used to write your story isn’t your first language then have minimal grammar and spelling errors.

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Same. I can’t do long chapters :joy:
It gets really boring after awhile.


Ikr :kissing_closed_eyes:

I’ve got a question about your “don’t”. I added a choice like that, MC tells the truth or hides the truth as she’s told to. Is it OK? :grin: The person that has been lied to finds out eventually and gets a little pissed.

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Do: Always plan ahead
Like ages, personality


Always make sure the story means something to you and the veiwer

Don’t stereotype all the time
If you want a unique story I suggest giving it a turn in events in a persons character

Don’t forget character development

If the MC tells the truth if you pick the choice to tell the truth and doesn’t if you pick otherwise, it should be fine.

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That’s literally how I started my story :sweat_smile: added a black and white filter with a scratch noise and everything :joy:

DO: Always ask someone or the community to help proofread your story.
DON’T: Do not forget to add punctuation at the end of sentences.


Be original and creative
Have correct grammar and punctuation
Have a medium length plot line for each chapter (~5-10 minutes)
Ask someone to give feedback and proofread the story before uploading it
Plan ahead and give some thought before creating a story (plots, building up, conflict, climax , conclusion, etc)
Character development! Make them interesting to get to know about!
In my opinion, giving a variety of physical appearances is nice as well.

Make useless choices that brings to the exact same result (e.g. Yes. / YES!, every choice is the MC doing something immature)
Stereotype every character, including the MC. (e.g. the bully is evil until it becomes good at the end / the nerdy MC likes the jock and decides to be a cheerleader).
In my opinion, making everyone have the same outgoing and party pony personality in a high school story is such a turn-off. Make everyone act differently.
In my opinion, making us use gems for all the appropriate choices and leaving the poop for free makes it unattractive for some. But, it can just be me.

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