Dose anyone make edits

Dose anyone make edits and if so can u show me some exsampls cus i need someone to make me an edit

what type of edit?

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a LL one

ok, is it like a photo, profile picture, character card?

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its 2 one is just a edit(photo) and the other is a Pfp

alright, well i don’t have normal photo edits and profile picture examples, but if you want to get a hint of what they would look like here is my art shop: Emilee’s ✨ Tropical Shop ✨ *CLOSED*

DO NOT REQUEST BECAUSE ITS CLOSED! just for example purposes only :upside_down_face:
also most of these are pretty old so i have had a glow up on editing, but i don’t have recent ones to show sadly :frowning:

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oh i like them