Dose anyone take requests for cover art?


I need a new cover for my new story for the creators contest. I know exactly what I want. So if anyone is willing to help me contact me on Instagram @writtenbykarisa (Yes I know it’s my username on here)


Go to @EpisodeAfra thread. She doesn’t good and there are examples on ther too. She did one for me


Thanks for recommending! :grin:


No problem! I love your work. So gotta help you out. :grinning:


You can check out @Episode-Royalty’s thread here. :slight_smile:

~ Winter xx


I most certainly do! :blush::blush:


@emilymarie has amazing covers !


I do!! You can see examples on my latest topic <3


I do EM's new and improved splash, cover, and profile pic shop (open) or email me:


Hey, I can make a cover for your story if you want! :wink:
Just go to my Instagram and fill out the form that is on my Instagram bio!
I also make backgrounds and overlays!
Examples on my Instagram: daniepisodewriter
Dani :black_heart: