Double Life Contest Covers 💗💜

hello! i’d like to create covers for the newly announced creator’s contest. pls see below!

rules and important information
i. must be entering the double life contest.
ii. edited LL covers only. Up to 3 characters.
iii. please fill out the form fully or i won’t be able to make your cover.
iv. please give me a 1-2 weeks to complete your cover. i can’t make both a small and large cover since i’m in school like most of you. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
v. please be specific with what you want your cover to look like.
vi. please credit me @granolias.episode.
vii. this shop will close may 28, 2021 for summer break.
viii. ix. the password is your favorite season. blur it!

cover examples :disco:

form :spiral_notepad:

small or large cover:
[optional] author name:
character details:
reference pose:
[optional] extra details (font, colors, etc.):
cover vision:

author status :approved_stamp:
@applejacks working on it
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thanks and good luck to all entering the contest!ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ


Love the examples!


ahh thank you! :smile:


Thank you for this!! I may just come back to this when I think of a cover idea!


No problem! And take your time. This’ll be up for about 2 months! :grin:


Not bad! I might come back


Thank you! :smile:


hi there! i would love it if you could make me a small cover for the DL Contest!

small or large cover: small
title: DL: Rebel With A Cause
[optional] author name: applejacks
character details:

skin: neutral 03

brows: arched natural scar (deep brown)

hair: over shoulder braid (golden brown)

deepset downturned (brown sand)

face: heart soft

nose: round button

lips: full wide (rose light nude gloss)



reference pose:



something like this, if you find something better or think something else will fit it better you can change it!


mood: the villain version of her has like a villainous smirk and then her normal self has the raised eyebrows look

[optional] extra details (font, colors, etc.):
cover vision: i vision the cover to be half her and the city dark and villainous and the other side with her normally just to be a regular looking city. (sorry if that doesn’t make sense)
password: summer!


small or large cover: Small
title: DL: The CIA Angel
[optional] author name: Erin Mahala
character details: this is for 2 different people I want on the small cover. The first one is a girl

Skin: Gold 04
Brows: Arched Natural (Black Jet)
Hair: Pony tail blunt bangs (Black)
Eyes: Female Generic (Brown Black)
Face: Diamond
Nose: Round Button Upturned
Lips: Full heart pouty Plum Gloss

Skin: Gold 05
Brows: Round Thick (Dark Brown)
Hair: Long Bang Short Hair (Dark Brown)
Eyes: Male Generic (Hazel)
Face: Triangle Chiseled
Nose: Grecian Narrow
Lips: Medium Straight (Gold Medium Matte)



Wings: Wings Angel Blushing Ivory
Halo: Angel Halo Blushing Ivory



Wings: Wings Devil Red
Horns: Long Devil Horns Red Black
Tail: Devil Tail Red

reference pose: Something like this that Applejacks used but instead of them having their arms crossed, They both are holding the CIA badges out in one hand as if they’re showing the readers where they work and they’re looking as if they’re looking at the camera. In the girl’s other hand, she’s holding an open bible. In the guys other hand, he holds a hologram image of Earth in pieces






mood: The guy is a villain so he has this devious, malicious look on his face while the girl looks at him with a slightly angry look that says she doesn’t play
[optional] extra details (font, colors, etc.):
cover vision: I can vision that half of the sky is like a heavenly look while the other side is more of a demon look

Password: Fall

Sorry if this is too much. I was trying to be as detailed as possible while being understanding

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hi !! thank you so much for this :pleading_face:
small or large cover: small cover
title: DL: Not All Fairies Fly (the dl part doesnt have to be on the cover, but i dont mind it)
author name: skye g.
character details:


skin - neutral 02, body - female generic, brows - round medium (medium warm brown), hair - double bun half down hair (golden brown), eyes - deepset upturned wide (blue green), face - diamond, nose - defined natural, lips - full heart pouty (pink peach medium gloss)


skin - rose 03, body - male generic, brows - furrowed raised s (light brown), hair - undercut short straight texture (platinum ice), eyes - delicate almond (emerald green), face - chiseled angular, nose - hooked grecian, lips - full heart natural (rose light nude matte)

reference pose:

Screenshot 2021-04-18 at 11.51.26 AM


mood: mystical, sweet, but just a lil dArK
extra details (font, colors, etc.): if possible can i get the title in overlays ? if not thats perfectly fine i dont care that much. but for the fonts idk what you use but for reference something like this for the words “Not All Fairies” font 1, then this for the word “Fly” font 2. then they can be white but on the word “Fly” have a thin pink border around it so it can pop kinda
cover vision: with her wings if they could be like half gone- if that makes sense… almost like they were cut, but still kinda visible (sorry im bad at explaining </3) then they both have these kinda auras around them (the girls would be light pink, then the boys would be a bright red) again i am SO sorry if this doesnt make sense
password: fall <3

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Hi, I was wondering if you’re still accepting requests