Doubt about this look LL

I don’t know about this look… I feel like the glasses aren’t good enough and I need to delete them but when I do that it kinda feels unfinished… like she misses something what do you guys think about this character?



She’s looks pretty in my opinion.

I think she’s perfectly fine. :two_hearts:

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What’s the purpose of the look in context of the story? Is she at work, chillin at home, does she have bad eyesight, are the glasses just an accessory?

Well I kinda wanted to make a character that isn’t really a party girl but more of a book reader the glasses are something because she has bad eyesight

Based on her appearance ( glasses, casually dressed in neutral tones, simple ponytail) my first impression of the character is that she seems bookish, cozy, maybe introverted. If that’s the look you’re going for then I think this is a great outfit. Maybe you could add one of the Strapped Accented Watches if you think its missing something, a watch seems like a fitting accessory for a type A intellectual, the dark blue one would look good.

I love this look! She is gorgeous!!! To me this look with the glasses is perfect 100% hehe.
(She reminds me of my own MC from my story hehe with same hair and clothes lolll… except without glasses and mine is a Scottish Spanish Native Amarican :grin:)


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