Drama-filled Gang story?

MC has just moved back to her hometown and she’s reconnecting with her family and friends. She has no idea how much trouble she’s about to get into when she offers to have a friend of a friend stay with her until he finds a place to crash for good. Unaware that he is a part of a bad group of people and he’s caused a lot of trouble they’re both being tracked down and have a target on their backs.

This lands her to have to rely on LI, who she’s bumped into in the past and wanted to completely avoid. But it looks like she’ll have to depend on him to get out of this horrible situation and back to her normal life.

So, I kind of have the plot it would seem, but I need help with the stuff in between it. Especially developing some good drama. I don’t want this to be circled around romance because it will be slow burn and there’s some stuff the MC and LI will have to work through before they even get to the relationship stage. (p.s. this story is kind of loosely inspired by the Netflix show On My Block and Sons of Anarchy)

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I have read about your short intro on the story you’re making but then; if it’s loosely inspired by a Netflix show On My Block and Sons of Anarchy… it’ll have to have some theme or taste of both shows (which I’m saying as a Pov of a reader: that you’d have to blend those both theme of what, why and the narration to the story if you’re still rocking with the two options for now).

Also, you can add more inspirational shows/series/movies that you got by your side or options you got to make more ‘boom… pow’ I mean effect onto us as your audience; what about adding more characters as well? Because you still stated you want the narration to come to romance later on.

Give the plot if you are moving this story with a meaningful message or an experience from your side- kinda try connecting or putting yourself in the shoes of all the characters either main ones to even the side characters as the story goes on, because you as the writer will definitely know where the turns and breaks and shocks and all that good stuff deserves to be at!

This is a piece of advice that I could summarize for you as a wholesome reader of episode stories, good luck with your story/stories writing… Fighting!! :laughing::heart_eyes_cat::purple_heart::purple_heart:

Ok. How does she know LI? That’s going to be a huge plot hook. Are they old friends who grew apart? Is he the child of “family friends” (the gang) who she just happened to be around growing up? What’s his investment in the MC and/or the antagonists? Why should he care about the MC and vice versa? How is he going to help her through this bad situation? Does it drag them deeper into the drama, or put them on the outskirts until (X) happens and one or the other is thrust deep into the crux? Depending on who, how does the other attempt to help? Considering your story premise I assume this is a long-chapter endeavor. Why does MC want to reciprocate LI’s help, or why does LI feel the drive to help MC? What is the catalyst for them realizing they have Feels? How will the plot resolve? Is it a one-and-done story, or will this turn into a series? Really bad at coding pretty good at storytelling :joy: LMK if you want to bat ideas around!


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