Drama/Romance Story idea needed!

so im writing a story and a girl find out shes the only adopted one out of her 5 other siblings so she goes on a journey to find her parents and she found out they last lived in paris and she meets a guy there but i dont know what kinda drama to add to the story without it being a cliche, please help!

do you plan to include the siblings in the story…? I mean I guess you could make one of the siblings jealous of her due that she’s adopted… and that sibling didnt really want another sibling or something…?
And I know you said no cliche, but only to make it dramatic is kinda adding cliche in a way… :p… I was going to suggest like the guy that she falls in love with had been dating another person casually or something and then that “jealousy” theme again… just some thoughts.

yea i plan on making the oldest sister an important character, and i yea i could add her being jealous it would go with the story, also im okay with cliche but not when its overused, but thats a good idea with the dating another person bit! so thank you!!

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