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Centerial Secondary School, the most prestigious school for aspiring actors and actresses. All the students there live by one word, “Drama”. From harmless gossiping, to fighting over roles, to even near death experiences, the students here have seen it all.

But besides all the drama they cause, the students have one thing on there mind, Helton Academy, the school made for succeeding actors and actresses. Once you make it there, you are automatically considered a “somebody” in the theatre community.

Unfortunately, this year, Helton is only accepting 5 students from this school. This year, instead of just deciding who will get in depending on your grades, Helton has started a new program named “Globe Points”.

The Globe Points program is a program that allows you to get points from doing things around your school. For example, getting the lead role in the school play, making a bold entrance at a party, or even by simply getting a good grade. The better things you do, the more Globe Points you will get. But be careful, you can lose Globe Points from doing not so pleasing things. Make sure to watch out.

The person who distributes the points will be Jackson Morgan, a Helton graduate, and the son of the principal. Make sure to keep an eye out, Jackson knows he will.

RP Rules

  • Make sure all of your RP posts are in first person.
  • Ensure that your RP posts have proper grammar, capitalization and punctuation. I know from experience that it gets hard to read things with bad grammar.
  • When I say “pause”, stop posting, I am either really busy or posting a huge event during that time.
  • If your going to cuss/ swear, please use the blur tool.
  • Put your characters full first name in bold before posting.
  • Please make your posts 4 - 10 sentences or around that range.
  • Please be respectful on this thread, there’s a fine line between joking around and being absolutely disrespectful.
  • Don’t be descriptive when describing sex scenes.
  • Your character can’t always be innocent, everyone has to fight for their Globe Points, even if it means someone goes down in the process.


















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School Schedules

Can’t wait to start RP - ing with all of you! Hopefully this doesn’t turn into a flump…


Read before posting
Alright kiddos, your characters should be heading down to the auditorium for the mandatory meeting. Make sure your wearing something fresh. Depending on what you where, how you walk and how you even breath will determine your first impression. Jackson will be watching to give out the first blood.


Evie Hunter
She woke up to her alarm that was set way too early, because half an hour is not enough time to get ready. Since she got up early, it meant her family was asleep, so she got the bathroom all to herself. So, she went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Evie’s appearance was very important to her. With no alteration, she looked like the nerd she was a whole life ago, and she would hate to remind people of that person. Evie was naturally pretty, but she wouldn’t be seen dead without makeup on. And she spends ages straightening her naturally curly black hair. After spending an hour in the bathroom, she finally left with her perfect outfit that she had planned almost a week in advance.

Before her parents even woke up, Evie had left the house with no interaction with anyone in the house. As usual, she walked to school - there was no way she would get the bus. She was quite late to arrive to school, which was what she aimed to do because getting to school early or on time is a big no. She was told she had to go to the auditorium for a ‘mandatory meeting’, but she was in no rush to get there, and instead hung around near the lockers, listening to people around her trying to talk to her while waiting for people important to come. She got out her phone and texted her boyfriend, Swai Thomas, asking where he was.

@Madilnel - Swai Thomas (mentioned)


Alicia Fenn

I wake up, yawning before actually getting up. First day of school. Got to make a good impression because this year is the one that counts. I always wake up with enough time to do my stuff and get conepletely ready for school. Can’t be unprepared in this school, can I? Not if I want to be anything. I take a quick shower before changing into my outfit for the day. Casual and cool. Can’t have my first day looking like a mess. That will most definitely not get me anywhere. I work on my makeup, a light and natural based one before starting on my hair. A cute bun will do, not too messy but just enough. I head downstairs, taking my lunch. My mother’s already down. I give her a quick kiss on the cheek before heading out. I tend to walk because I don’t have a car and going on the bus is social suicide. I might be a little late, but that was the plan. No one ever made an impression coming in early, did they? I eventually made it to school, walking in confidently. There’s a mandatory meeting in the auditorium apparently. Rolling my eyes, I brought out my phone and texted Evie. I’m not exactly in a hurry to get to this meeting and I’d rather not look like I don’t gave friends to sit around.

Evie. You at school yet?



Jay Petsch
I looked at the floor as I walked to school. It wasn’t cold outside but it was winding. Normally my dad would drive me but he was at work. Lately he’s been working a lot and we haven’t been able to talk that much. The last time we had a relaxed conversation was maybe last week at dinner. I had fun talking to him. A smile forms on my face as I think about his jokes.

I look up from the ground as I cross the street towards the school. As I enter the school, I smile more. Walking into the school as a senior felt good. I felt almost as if I was in charge, in control. I head to my locker and grab the things I need for my second period. I then proceed to the auditorium and sit in the back row of the first floor.

ORP: Approchable
Also, outfit.


Natalia Scarlette Martinez
“NATALIA LEVANTATE YA!” I roll my eyes and get out of bed, still half asleep. “YA VOY MAMA!” I yell back at my impatient mom. I go to the restroom to take a brief shower and get ready for this surely long, boring day. I get dressed into my outfit that I picked out yesterday. I wasn’t usually the one to want to impress other people, but this year was crucial for me. I can’t screw up like I did last year. I fix my hair up into a sleek ponytail and then grab my bag. I run down the stairs and into the kitchen. “Hey be careful with those shoes, you can easily fall if you’re running in them.” My mom tells me in a warm tone. “I will!” I say grabbing a banana as I’m walking out the front door. I then put on my helmet and mount my motorcycle. I hear the engine roar as I start it up. This never gets old. I say to myself as I speed out into the street. It only takes about 15 minutes until I finally arrive to school.

Shit!I’m late! I sprint to the front door of the building. I slowly creep inside the grand building, hoping no one will notice my late arrival. I hold my head up as I’m walking down the hallway, being swallowed by a huge crowd of students. I eagerly search for a familiar face, with no such luck.

To Lauren: Hey I’m at school. Text me when you get there.

As I’m looking for my friends I’m also hiding from someone: Jay. I cannot let him see me! I then go to my locker and get on my phone for a while since I have some time to kill before the assembly.

@Alyssa_Epi - Lauren mentioned.
@IIChanII - Jay mentioned.


Kehlani StoneWood
I sat up on my bed and looked at my alarm on my bedside table. I was already 6 minutes late? I scrambled out of bed and ran to the bathroom. Slipped off my VS night gown and went inside my shower. Hot water is what I liked even if it was summer… I washed my hair quickly and moved on to my body. I got ou and wore this casual but cute Outfit. Since I lived near the school I had to walk today, rather then waking up my parents. When I arrived to school not many people went to the mandatory meeting we had to. I thought “It’s the first day, i’ll just go” and so I did…



Yassine Coolian

The alarm buzzed loudly in my hollowed bedroom. My once relaxed face now contorted into a cringe. “Aaaaargh!” I yelped as i knocked over my alarm. I stood up, out of bed and walked over to my closet. “Oh gee, once i’m finally out i have to come in again to wear new clothes.” I decided to put on some new clothes i had bought over the weekend and i went to the bathroom.
I brushed my teeth and washed my face, after i was done i swallowed a few medication pills and went downstairs to have breakfast.

I saw my mom, baking some weird mix of spices and fruits. “As long as it won’t kill me, i’ll eat it.” I said jokingly as i sat down at the dinner table. I scrolled through my phone, liking a few pictures of some guys on Sasstagram. My mom looked over my shoulder and giggled a little while placing down my food. I gave her a condescending look and placed down my phone. I ate my breakfast and left the house.

I drove to the all new ‘Centerial Secondary School’. I had heard some rumors about students there from friends, but i never really went to it, i guess that’ll change now.
I quickly parked my car in the parking spots and stepped out of my car. I seemed to be early, so i slowly walked into the school.
When i enterred, i swiftly went to, what i assumed was, the cafeteria. I waited a while for someone to approach me, all the while, i scrolled through my phone.

| Information |

Current Outfit




Lauren Woods

I woke up to my alarm. It’s 4:45. So I decide to watch some tv before I start to get ready. I got to watch one episode of my tv show before my alarm rings again to let me know that I have to get ready. I am excited since it is my first day. So I gotta make sure I have the perfect outfit .
I head to the bathroom to get ready. Thank the lord I through my hair in a braid last night. I hate my hair straight. I hear my Dad yell for me to make sure that I’m up. I yell back “Yeah dad. I’m up.” I walk down stairs to find out he made my favorite breakfast meal, crape, delicious! I eat and when I finish I run up the steps to brush my teeth. When I’m done I go back downstairs and say “Bye Dad. Love you.” And run through the door. I head to my Jeep. I see Natalia’s text. _
I’ll be there in a minute._I respond. Meet me at the the gym doors. When I get there I go to the gym doors and wait for her.



Adalia Smith
She had been tossing and turning in her bed, still tired from yesterday’s activities. She and her family had went out to a nearby amusement park because of her parents’ day off from work. There were lots of things circling around in her mind. Who would be at school to defend Agatha and Alex? Who would be the one to help Ms. Alberts shelve the library books? Who would be the one to help clean out the whiteboards? She tried brushing those things away, immediately opening her eyes. The shine of sunlight caught the awakening of her eyes, making her realize that today, was the day she’d be attending Centerial.

She immediately rushed out of bed, fighting for the space of the bathroom, all for herself. Despite the fact that her parents were wealthy, they didn’t wanna be one of those people to own mansions and all that grand stuff. They settled for a slightly bigger house than the average ones, just five bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. She did her hair as fast as she could, then sprinted to her bedroom with no hesitation to hurt her siblings, then put on her outfit. She wanted to seem as sophisticated as possible, so she knew this outfit was the best for the time.

She rushed downstairs, quickly seeing the breakfast smoothie her mother had made her. She grabbed the smoothie and gave a quick kiss to her mother, then a simple wave to her brother and sister. She grabbed her backpack filled with the things she’d need for school, then rushed into the car. She was so excited, she couldn’t wait.

Finally, she’d seen the moment she was waiting for. She gave her father a kiss on the cheek, then made her way inside. She’d been told that first period wasn’t happening, instead, they’d have to head to the auditorium. With a slight smile on her face, that’s what she did.

ORP: Approachable.


Joshua Gray

Waking up to his alarm blaring his favorite song, he reached over to turn it off. In all honesty, he didn’t want to get up but needed to awaken his siblings. Stretching, he rolled onto his back and fell right onto the floor.
“Ow,” he muttered as he pushed himself up and walked into the room that both his sister and brother shared. “Get up!”, he had playfully yelled with a laugh.
His brother, Jacob, only rolled his eyes before jumping out of bed and running into the bathroom. Ever since his dad left, they had to move out of their big house and into a smaller and more snug one.
Joshua let out a laugh as he went into the only other bathroom they had inside their house.

After getting dressed, he ran his fingers through his hair and exited the bathroom, looking at his sister who was not even ready yet.
“You only have 30 minutes until the bus comes, so you better not miss it!” He ran out the door with his keys in hand and unlocked his car.

The ride to school was okay. Joshua had listened to his favorites songs and tapped along to the beat on his steering wheel. But, arriving at school was always terrible.
As he parked, he realized that he had forgotten to pack his siblings a lunch but only shook his head as he stepped out the car and locked it.

Walking into the school with a smile, he nodded at a few people while he followed the crowd to the auditorium.



Anya Patterson
I woke early thanks to my alarm, but I didnt wake up early in order to get to schol early. I woke up early so I could get ready on time. I was pretty without make up so I didn’t need to worry about that. I sat at my desk as my mother’s assistant flat ironed my curls.

I looked at the mirror I admired my outfit. I wanted to look as normal as I could. Leaving the house I waved to my parents who were busy with work. As I got into the car my driver started the engine and drove me off to school. I had no worries, why would I? I knew exactly who i was, I was Anya Patterson. One of the most popular kids in school, this day wouldn’t faze me.

Arriving at the school a little late, I walked into the school and saw Evie hanging around the lockers. I smiled and walked up to Evie. “Are you ready for another boring assembly?” I ask.



Adam Kim

I gazed into the mirror at my reflection as I dried off my damp hair from my shower. I couldn’t help but feel anxious. I’ve never been too skittish on the first day of school, but I couldn’t help but feel a tad bit nervous. It was the first day of senior year, and this year counted more than any other. I needed to get into Helton Academy or my life was basically over. It’s all I’d wanted for as long as I could remember, so I couldnt afford to blow it.

After putting on my outfit and brushing my hair, I washed my face and brushed my teeth before heading downstairs. I didn’t notice anyone around, so I figured they were still asleep, and I ate a bagel and had some tea before heading out.

Arriving at the school, I parked my car and took a few minutes to collect my thoughts. I took a few deep breaths and reminded myself that this year would make or break my future and the rest of my life. After giving myself a pep talk, I turned off my engine and got out of my car, adjusting my cardigan.

I walked over to the auditorium, being told that an assembly would take the place of our first period classes.

ORP: Approachable


Angie Stonewood
While walking to the door where the assembly was, I turned around. Nobody was even at this great assembly and I was a senior but no familiar faces seemed to Appear. I looked for Swai my childhood best friend but he was also nowhere to be seen. I walked to be my locker and got things out for my second period which was English. One of my favorite subjects.

ORP: Approachable


Evie Hunter
After sending the text to Swai, she recieved one for herself from one of her best friends, Alicia Fenn, asking if she was at school. Evie quickly replied with a ‘Yes’. She looked up from her phone and a lot more familiar faces had filled the corridors. Jay Petsch, Natalia Martinez, Joshua Gray. They all walked past her and Evie didn’t say a word to any of them. Why would she? She rolled her eyes at the thought of each of them and looked away where Anya Patterson came into eye-view.

Before saying anything to her, Evie looked her outfit up and down, making sure it looked good, but not as good as hers. Evie noticed she had straightened her hair too, which looked nice. Then she finally made eye contact. She quickly broke it again to give an eyeroll in response to Anya’s comment about the assembly. “No one in their right mind is.” She replied, opening her locker and emptying the books in her bag into the locker - no way was she carrying all those books around all day.

@AnimeOtome - Anya Patterson
@riahh30 - Joshua Gray (mentioned)
@valeria.episode - Natalia Martinez (mentioned)
@IIChanII - Jay Petsch (mentioned)


Natalia Scarlette Martinez
As soon as I see Lauren’s text I immediately make my way through the hallway and towards the gym. “Lauren!” I say walking over to her. “Thank god you’re here, I’ve been out in that hallways for what felt like a million years waiting for you!” I say to her. I look at my phone for the time. “I think we should get going. I was already late to school in general I can’t be late to the assembly as well.” I tell her.



Lauren Woods

“Sounds Good to me!” I say. “ Let’s try and get as far as we can back.” We start jogging to the assembly wondering if it already started since no one is in the halls. “Shit. What if it already started. We’ll be dead. And on the first day!” We start to run. We make it there just on time. And perfect there are two far back seats.

I’ll be back soon I have a basketball game. Sorry.



Jay Petsch
After waiting some time, I notice only a few more kids in the auditorium with me. I wonder what was happening, the school advertised the assembly as some big, important meeting. I yawn and pull out my phone as I wait for someone to talk to. Putting in headphones, I scroll through my music app trying to find something upbeat to keep me awake. I didn’t have any caffeine this morning so I was bound to fall asleep sometime soon. I finally find a song and rest my eyes.


Natalie Greenwood
I shook my head with tiredness was I checking the time. “ Shit. ” I muttered under my breath. I didn’t have a lot of time to get ready. And it wasn’t long before I realized it was the bloody mandatory meeting. I combed my hair sharply and fumbled into an outfit before rushing out the door.
I walked into the audiotoium as casual as possible. Why the fuck should I care if people stare? I don’t care, mind your own business. I sat down at a nearby chair and flicked out my phone, not giving more than a second glance at the people beside me.



Natalia Scarlette Martinez
After practically sprinting towards the auditorium, we make it just on time without abyobe noticing. We creep to the back and sit down in two empty seats. I then reach into my bag, grab a piece of gum, and pop it into my mouth. Better get comfortable, this is gonna be a long assembly. I say to myself.

It’s fine!