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Anya Patterson
“I’m so sorry,” I say to Alicia. “I have to go. Don’t worry there will be an uber outside for you. Prepaid.” I grab my coat and rushed to put it on. I needed to get back to school. “Its a black Limo, will have a driver in front of it with your name of a card.” I rush out of the restaraunt and get into my car. Shifting into gear I get to the school I arrive just in time to see Yassine undress and annouce he’s gay. The idiot. I see Adam go and yell We didn’t dodge a bullet, dude. We dodged an atomic bomb I am utterly shocked. I text Adam.

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Kehlani Stonewood

*They both assure me they’re okay and I nod sitting back down with Cassandra. So many things happened today it feels like it’s been weeks. This school really does have a lot of drama. I sigh, suddenly I hear something getting announced from a familiar voice I get up and look and my dear god eyes… but Yassine announced he way gay, “what a surprise” I say in a sarcastic way rolling my eyes. By Lauren’s locker which is near mine I see her looking annoyed but also crying. She seemed bothered like she was bothered-crying. I went up to her with a simple “Heyyy” to lighten the mood and also said “Seems like everyone wants to cry today” I say jokingly and hoping i’m doing something. I grab my phone out of my pocket to finally read the globe-giver’s post. Not completely shocked this anonymous person is getting out of his/her way to find these things out. I get a notification of reading 7k followers on Sasstagram but at this point or at this moment it didn’t quite matter. I quickly took a selfie and posted on my story with “Thank you so much for 7K!! :sob:

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Adam Kim

I get a text from Anya and turn around. “Anya! Thank god you’re here.” I wanted to give her a hug, and I kind of felt like crying, but I just waved her over. “You missed so much and you weren’t even gone all that long! And… I cried. Over that crackhead.” I said, laughing at myself.



Anya Patterson
“You cried?” I raise my eyebrow. Adam cried? Ok its the stress hormones. Why would he cry over that …person? I pulled a piece of my hair and say jokingly, “I should’ve cried when he cut my hair. But I didn’t.” I pull Adam into a hug and whisper, “So we got a murder plan? I know a guy.” I didn’t. He didn’t need to know that though…


Adam Kim

“Oh god Anya I hope you’re joking” I said, laughing uncontrollably. I had a feeling she wasn’t, though. “No murder plan, but we definitely get back at him for this. I’ve got a niche with revenge.” I said, giving a mischievous look.



Lauren Woods

I see Kehlani coming over and I laugh way to fucking hard. “God I must sound psychotic. Yassine’s being himself again.” I start cleaning myself up. I stand up and say “Sorry about all this. You have more important crap than this.” I say waiting for a response and then I would head to the bathroom to make sure I look good.



Anya Patterson
“Oh god Anya I hope you’re joking
“Not even a little bit!” Lies. I was. I pinch his cheek, which I know he hates. “Your too inoocent and sweet for revenge.” I pat his cheek and laugh at his obviously annoyed face. “I however am the daughter of Revenge.”

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Adam Kim

I rub my temples, annoyed. “You’re psychotic. Especially if you think I’m innocent.” I say, giving a smirk. “We aren’t killing him, but I’m getting the upper hand. What’re we gonna do?”
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kehlani Stonewood

“It’s fine I say” I look to her after she’s finished crying and say “Wow, even after crying you look pretty”

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Anya Patterson
I smile at Adam. “You think to small, murder is too quick. Torture on the other hand is…much more enjoyable.” I think for a moment and take out my phone. “All I can think of right now is this picture of Yassine dripping with paint.”

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Lauren Woods

I smile “Thanks. At least people are still kind in this school. Don’t change for anyone. This is all happening. And it’s the first day. Imagine the middle of the year.”

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Adam Kim

“Anya, You’re right. Murder is too quick, and torture is so much more enjoyable.
That’s why we aren’t using that dumb picture. He’ll bounce back from it too easily. I want to turn his year into a living hell, and I’m not gonna give up on it. That piece of shit will suffer.” I say, waiting for Anya’s reaction. I didn’t expect her to understand how big of a deal revenge was for me. He was the first guy I had kissed, and sure, I felt as if I was in top of the world then, but then I realized that he’s a Manipulative Asswipe, and it was not worth everything I sacrificed in that moment.

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Kehlani Stonewood

As Lauren casually walks off to the bathroom I look around bored and in need for someone to talk to me. I look around and spot Adam and Anya talking and a smiled spread across my face. ‘I knew they’d be talking soon’ I said in my head. I thought about walking to them because I mean I was a close friend, so I casually walked over. “Hey guys” I said while slipping out my phone and going on Sasstagram.

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Natalia Scarlette Martinez
I watched as Jay practically flew out of there. I sighed. I was the one who pushed him away, he deserved a much better friend than I could ever be. I look back at my phone to see Natalie texted me. Shit! I hope she wasn’t waiting for me downstairs in the cafeteria where I told her I would be. I put on my shoes as fast as I could and was running down the stairs. I go to the cafeteria and find Natalie sitting in the spot I was just 30 minutes ago. Just great, I guess this shows just what a swell friend I am. “Hey Nat! I’m so sorry I wasn’t here, I left my sweater in the science class.” I say lying straight through my teeth. I then wince a bit at the fact that I wasn’t even wearing a sweater and how bad I was at lying.

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Anya Patterson
I blanched. Adam wanted to make someone’s life a living hell. Adam My little cousin, who would never want to hurt people…until now. People expect that from me, they expect my short temper and stinging reactions. I nod, what has Yassine done to my cousin? “Ok,” I say slowly. I was pretty exprienced in make life a living hell. “First, you need something extremely precious or personal from him. A past event or person.” All of a sudden Kehlani comes up. I smile at her.
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Kehlani Stonewood

I slide my phone into my back pocket and see that Adam has a look of anger and playful on his face. ‘Oh god, what is he planning?’ I thought to myself. “So what were you guys talking about?” I say happily. I wanted to be included in something/

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Adam Kim

I swing my arm onto Kehlani’s shoulder, giving a smile. “Nothing too important. I’m still bummed we don’t have classes together.” I say, trying to change the subject.

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Kehlani Stonewood

As Adam rests his arm on my shoulder he starts randomly talking about classes, weird way of changing the subject but It’s not like i’d find out soon. I started talking about the new subject “Yeahhhhh, I know right! Like whoever placed us in classes… but on the bright side i’ll be in your next subject, music! Remember I switched my classes for u?” I was asking a lot of questions and didn’t want to leave Anya on the side as if she ever was on the side and asked “What class do you have next?”

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Lauren Woods

After I freshen up and look decent hoping no one notices. I walk back out to my locker and then up ahead I saw Anya, Kehlani, and Adam all together.

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Adam Kim

I turn away from the conversation and see a girl. She looked sort of upset. I walked over and asked “Hey… um sorry this is weird, I don’t even know you. You look kind of upset, are you alright?” I ask.