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Kehlani Stonewood

Rolling my eyes again “So complementing a friend is consider flirting now?” I re-applied my lip gloss and fixed my hair… “Ugh, when is class going to start?”



Yassine Cooliano

I stepped away from the platform and put on some clothes. Pondering my previous actions, i went out of the school. I emerged back 5 minutes later with a single rose in my hand. Walking slowly towards Adam, i could see him look up from his phone. Once i arrived at Adam i looked him in his eyes.
“I uhhh, i’m incredibly sorry. I shouldn’t have kissed Jay to get your attention.” I held out the rose.



Jay G.

I make a face. “Yeah, right he is. I bet he’s just doing that for the attention.” I roll my eyes. “Thinking that I was crying because of that asshole? He needs to get a life.”



Adam Kim
Yassine approaches me and apologized with a rose. I mean how pathetic is that? A rose, and a simple ‘sorry’. I laughed for a bit. “You do have any idea the extreme emotional distress you just caused both of us? And then you’re going to try and counteract that with a stupid flower and a pathetic apology?” I was yelling now. “I don’t want you or your fucking flowers, your insincere apologies, none of it.” I stood there, waiting to see what he’d do.



Yassine Cooliano

Adam yelled at me, telling me he doesn’t want flowers. I stood there, taking his words.
Why did this always happen to me, i want someone’s attention and then they yell at me.
Father always did this to both me and mother, he hit us both so that we’d shut up.
When mother killed him, i felt bad for him… i still don’t know why…
I blamed myself for it… i always blame myself for everything.
A tear rolled down my cheek as i looked down, not wanting to listen to Adam anymore.
Once he had finally stopped, i didn’t look at him.
‘‘D…don’t talk to me…’’ I said as i dashed out of school, crying.
I sat next to a stone beam of the school and looked at my phone.
The Blog
Once i read everything i put my phone away and put my head in my hands.
‘‘Why… why me…’’

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Adam Kim

“This guy’s a basket case” I said, laughing. I pondered for a bit, wondering if I should go talk to him. I mean the medication mentioned in the blog obviously had something to do with his behavior. I was betting on bipolar. I let out a loud sigh, and headed outside. When I saw him there crying, I gave an unimpressed look, and ignored his comment to not speak him. “What’s your problem? Why’d you need the meds?” I asked, trying not to sound too rude.



Yassine Cooliano

I saw Adam walking towards me. I wiped away my tears and looked at him.
‘‘Bipolarness, Depression, Psychopathy and Anxiety…’’ I got my calm and stood up.
I looked at him. ‘’…Why did you come back…’’



Adam Kim
“Oh…” I said, my voice getting a bit softer. “Guess you aren’t any beter than the rest of us, huh?” I joked, giving a slight smile. I walked over to him, ignoring the question about me coming back.
“But uh, you seriously can’t just run around doing dumb shit like that… you really fucked up Jay… me too.”

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Yassine Cooliano

I sighed and nodded. “I know… i still am sorry.” I liked him, i didn’t know why but i did. “I know it’s nothing, but i like you.”
Looking him in his eyes, i said those same words.



Adam Kim

I thought about my conversation with Anya, and everything with Jay. Maybe I can turn this into something
I placed my hand on the back of his neck and spoke quietly, but clearly. I lifted an eyebrow and asked, “Think so?”.

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Cassandra Maxwell

With all the drama that went down today, I had pretty much decided a few things. Yassine was an attention whore, Adam was a good friend, and Jay… Had some secrets. I take out my phone to read the Globe-Giver’s post. This person was nosy as hell. I liked Kel though, and I hoped to get closer to her. As for the other students? They were too dramatic… And too weak to go to Helton. I wonder why Lauren is crying…

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Yassine Cooliano

I looked him strangely.
“Are you… wow, your attempts at being sexy are… something.” I laughed and turned him around, me now im control holding his neck. “And no, i don’t think, i know.”



Kehlani Stonewood

I shut my locker and go to the bathroom. I fix up my look and take a look at my outfit. I was standing against the bathroom wall on my phone just waiting for the bell to ring

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Kehlani Stonewood

I was getting bored and everyone on Sasstagram was somewhere in Malibu or something while I was in a bathroom. I decided to text Cass

Heyy, where are youu? I’m boredd

Waiting for a reply I decided to write a meaningful post for my now 7K followers so that they knew I appreciated,


Orp: what if you character likes mine and I like lauren instead or somethingg? Not right now but in the future?


I’m very busy so I’ll reply later! And yes! I can see that happening


This just in from the school board; the audition list for the annual play “Mean Girls” has just been posted outside the auditorium.

Here is a list of all the characters:

  • Cady Heron
  • Ms. George
  • Ms. Heron
  • Regina George
  • Gretchen Wieners
  • Karen Smith
  • Aaron Samuels
  • Janis Ian
  • Damian Leigh
  • Principal Duvall
  • Kevin Gnapoor
  • Ensemble

Can’t wait to see who’s auditioning for who! Remember to keep it dramatic, some of you don’t have a problem doing that!

Yours truly,
The Globe Giver


Pax Kitamura
“I used to play soccer but I had to stop because something happened and I no longer had the endurance for it, I still don’t, so I switched to badminton.” I tell her, knowing that I’m being vague.


Adam Kim

I find it hard to believe that he likes me on the first day of school, but I figured i’d Better go along with it. “Well… I dont exactly know what to tell you, but okay.” I said, shrugging. “Now what?”