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Yassine Cooliano

I eyed him hungrily, wanting more than just our previous meeting. I looked at him as my prey. I pushed my hips onto his and looked him into his eyes. “You want more huh…”
Without letting him answer, i hungrily unleeshed myself onto Adam, kissing him.
His breath smelled like candy… like an amusementpark.



Kehlani Stonewood

My phone vibrates and I look at what the notification is, a school play? ‘Don’t have much to do so I could join’ i thought to myself. I walked out of the bathrooms and went to the auditorium. ‘yassine should be Regina because of how rude and obnoxious he is’ i think to myself rolling my eyes. I thought, ‘maybe i could even be Regina’ I finally decided to be Regina because why not? ‘you only live once’ i think while cringing.

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Jay G.

As Adam walks away from me, I decide to find someone to talk to. I knew they probably Wouldn’t approach me, so I needed to find them. I see a person in the cafeteria. Walking up to them, I speak. “Hi,” I say. “I’m Jay.”



Cassandra Maxwell

I take out my phone, receiving another notification from the Globe-Giver blog. Mean Girls for the school play? Interesting. I already knew who I was gonna be. Regina George, of course! If not, then Cady. She was the main character after all, and she stands out. This should give me my Globe Points back. Forget Yassine.



Kehlani Stonewood

After walking away from the auditorium I saw Yassine crying and then saw Adam approach him. Seconds later, they were making out. I couldn’t tell if Adam was faking or not I was disappointed in him if it was real. I shrugged and was on my phone, looking up once in a while to see what would happen and any signs if it was real or not.

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I thought on texting Cass because she was a loyal person i could go to

Did you hear about the play? I’m not sure if I should be Regina or someone else

I then waiting for a reply started scrolling through Sasstagram and looking up every once in a while keeping it lowkey…



Cassandra Maxwell

I receive a text from Kel. I smile. I love her, but she’s not taking my role. Or maybe I should be nice…

I’m planning on auditioning for Regina, but I may do Cady instead.

I smirk.



kehlani Stonewood

I got another text from Cass and smile, ‘Of course she’d be playing Regina’ I didn’t mind her being Regina as I could be another character so I happily replied with

You should really go for Regina!

Then I waited for another reply



Cassandra Maxwell

I gave a kind smile. She was really the best. I replied:

Are you sure? Now I feel bad :disappointed:

I really did feel bad though. Now I don’t know what to do.



Kehlani Stonewood

She asked if I was sure and told me she felt bad,I smiled and thought she was really sweet,

Of course, don’t feel bad… how about this? You could be Regina and I could be Cady? It’d be fun if both of us were important characters

I sent the text and smiled, I felt good. When I looked up I realized that Adam and Yassine were still making-out and was really disappointed with Adam’s action.

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Cassandra Maxwell

With that text, I chuckled. Me as Regina… That is, if a certain person doesn’t try to steal my role. But this set up was ok. Kel is a great friend.

How ironic. :joy:

I replied, and felt a burden get released from my shoulders.



Kehlani Stonewood

I received another text but didn’t reply yet, Instead I thought how funny it’d be to interrupt Adam and Yassine’s make-out session… I walked up and tapped their shoulders. “Hmm, so Music is next huh?” I said sarcasticly and with a smile.

Where are you?

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No we aren’t lol


Adam Kim

I was surprised by his sudden move on to me, but I kissed him back. Here we go, again. I thought to myself. Wonder where it’s headed this time. Kehlani soon approached, asking some dumb question she already knew the answer to. “Music is next.” I said to her without looking away from yassine. “Now, do you mind?” I asked a bit impatiently.

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Yassine Cooliano

I was intoxicated by his kiss, but i was furious when it stopped. “What the fuck is your problem, huh?” I asked as i pushed the girl. “Leave us alone, bitch.” I said while shoving her into mud.

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Adam Kim

“Yassine! What the shit?” I said, pretty loudly, and turned around to help Kel up from the ground. “I’m not making the same damn mistake I made with Anya.” I mumbled while pulling her up. Turning back to yassine, i looked at him in the eyes and said, “Okay I get that it was rude of her to do that, but calm down. You shouldn’t have been putting your hands on anyone but me in the moment.” I said, laughing. I knew it wasn’t time for jokes, but too late. “Seriously, though. Don’t do that…”

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Yassine Cooliano

I sighed and rolled my eyes.
“Fiiine, alright.” I grabbed his hand and laced my fingers with his. I walked off with Adam, smiling smugly at Kehlani. “Let’s talk about sex.” I said as i smiled at him.
Adam was so caring and sweet.



Adam Kim

“We aren’t talking about sex, Yassine.”
I said, rolling my eyes. “Listen, yeah you’re pretty great when you wanna be, but I’m not letting all of my friends get pissed at me, because you keep treating them like trash. If it comes down to it, at any point, I won’t hesitate to choose them over you. I mean, I just met you.” I say, with a serious tone. “So please try to keep your rage at bay.”



Kehlani Stonewood

Getting pushed to the mud, Adam pulled me up and I brushed off my clothes. Looking down my white shorts were filled with mud, I took of my cardigan and wrapped it around my waist so the mud would be covered. Yassine grabs adam’s hand and Adam holds it I crossed my arms angrily “Yassine can’t hold his shit together and then you guys make-out.” I walk away annoyed and go to the bathroom. Looking at my shorts more seriously now I see how bad it looked. “I guess this cardigan and these shorts will never be seen again” I think to myself. I was disappointed in Adam… but I got my mind off of it and texted Cass

Really mad and could use someone to rant to, where are u?

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Cassandra Maxwell

I receive her text. She really did seem mad. Whatever it was, I wanted to be her shoulder to lean on. If one of those kids hurt her, I swear… I clench my fist instinctively.

Where are you?



Kehlani Stonewood

I get a quick reply of Cass asking me where I was and I replied typing quickly.

Go the bathrooms