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Still lunch. Hopefully it’ll change soon


Should we change to period 4?

  • Change to period 4
  • Stay in lunch little more
  • Absolutely not ready to change to period 4

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Cassandra Maxwell

“Why not?” I answer casually, chuckling lightly. “I don’t mind being a little late.” I check the time on my phone.



Natalie Greenwood

“…Well, that’s simple, isn’t it, Jay?” I looked back up at him. “…Be you.” I finished. I turned back to my phone. “I would’ve played Trang Pak, but she’s not there, and she’s straight. Bleh.” I stuck out my tongue.



Adam Kim

Just don’t come back after he does something because neither me or Cassandra will be there to comfort you
Her words lingered for a bit, and I felt really bad. But hopefully I’d be able to set everyone straight. I walked back outside for the millionth time today, and walked back over to Yassine. “Are you okay?” I asked.



Lauren Woods

I smirk a little. “Sounds perfect! Let’s go. We’ll take my truck if your ok with that?” I say walking outside to the parking lot. “Hurry up!” I yell laughing while getting in my truck.



Cassandra Maxwell

I smile brightly and run inside the truck. “This is a nice truck!” I open the window a little. “This is a Ford truck, right?”



Lauren Woods

“Yeah it is. I’ve had this truck forever.” I roll down my window half way and turn up the music a little.” What type of music do you want to listen to?” I ask while we pull out of the property.



Fourth period bell everyone!


Kehlani Stonewood

ring, ring the bell had finally rung. I knew Adam and Yassine probably wouldn’t make it due to their excessive amount of making-out and Cass had also disappeared. I look down blinking back tears of anger and sadness. I walked to Music class and sat in the very back. Putting on my beats I sat there quietly.

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I realized Anya would be in this class and thought maybe i’ll have someone to talk to switching the song to 7 rings - Arianna grande, I stared ahead.



Cassandra Maxwell

I think to myself. “… Classic rock. You got any Queen, Aerosmith?” I look out the window, a little worried about the Globe Giver Blog.



Lauren Woods

“Of course. Check in the glove box. I’m pretty sure I have some tapes. I guess I’m old school.” I laugh. This is my second time today. God I don’t want to lose out on the scholarship but it’s just a quick stop. I think to calm myself. As we pull in I order a double Choc chip frappe. “What would you like?” I ask her.



Cassandra Maxwell

“Me too,” I reply while looking in the glove box. I find the Dangerous album by Michael Jackson instead. He was my ultimate inspiration… I cheer quietly as I put it inside the player. I look up. “A caramel latte.”


Same, Cassie!


Natalia Scarlette Martinez
After lunch, I head over to my favorite period of the day: PE. I totally loved kicking other people’s ass at the one thing I was good at: sports. I change into an exercise outfit and head over to the gym. I left my bag and the locker and play around with basketball, spinning it on a single finger, while waiting for other people to get here.



Lauren Woods

After we get our drinks which only took 10 mins. We should be back there in 5. “ This is such a good album. My dad always listened to it. This was his truck even though it’s newer. We fixed it up so I could use it.” I tell her.



Cassandra Maxwell

I smile sadly. “I love this album so much. My parents used to listen to it when I was younger… Before they…” I look down at my drink.



Natalie Greenwood

I heard the bell ring and quickly picked up my stuff. I thought for a bit. “I think you’d be a good Janis.” I said to Jay and smiled. I headed into the Art class and put on a random apron. Even though it appeared to be a food apron, I still wore it. Why should I care what people think? They’re not my mom. Unless they want me to-
I started painting whilst looking around for someone to talk to.



Lauren Woods

“My parents use to fight all the time till they decided to get a divorce. It’s ok. Don’t think about it. Focus on the future. I’m scared of the future. I don’t know what’s in store for me and it bothers me so much. Happy thoughts, though. Where do you go for 4th period?” I respond. Then we roll right back into the school property.



Yassine Cooliano

I looked up at him. “Yes, i’m perfectly fine. Everyone at school hates me.” I wiped away a few tears and stood up.



Adam Kim

“Don’t worry. It’s only the first day. You could turn it around if you really tried.” I said. “Come on, we have to get to Music.” I told him, as I grabbed his hand to pull him inside and down the halls to class



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