"Draw This In Your Style"

Since I have noticed there are a lot of artists in this forum I wondered if anyone would like to have a forum based ‘in your style’ challenge. If you don’t know what it is, there is a social media challenge called ‘Draw this in your style’ and you take the character and redraw it in your own style of artwork. The rules for this would be:

  1. Must be a drawing/painting/sketch you created yourself somehow.
  2. If you post one, you must at least join in and do one other person’s post. (Try to aim for one that hasn’t been redrawn, yet!)
  3. It does not have to be the exact same pose, and if a detail is too hard for you, leave it out! They character has to be at least recognizable, though, as that is the whole point!
  4. It does not have to be in the same media that the original post was in. Edits are allowed BUT if it uses Episode assets make sure you are aware it is ONLY to be shared here, and for fun.
  5. NO BASHING ART- this is ENTIRELY for fun, and I’d love for all skill levels to feel completely welcome in joining in.

NONE of the art posted would be considered usable by anyone for any purpose other than just this redraw for fun. In other words: don’t redraw and try to use as a cover, and certainly don’t take anyone’s original art or try to sneak in getting a free cover art this way.

If this sounds fun let me know, and I can post my recent ‘in your style’ here. (Or go ahead and start with one of yours. ^_^)


If I can ever find the time to be extremely inspired for this, I’d like to try maybe ^^

Congrats on your feature btw, totes deserved!!

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Ok! I can post my picture and if anyone wants to do it, feel free. Remember- pen, pencil, digital, edit, whatever your skills allow. This is entirely for fun, and would be your interpretation of it.

I will watch for anyone else to post one and I’ll do it/do one of them at least, time allowing.:hugs:

ETA; OH, and thank you! (for the feature comment <3)



I seriously do wanna do this, but like, this Adventurous contest is kicking my ass! Along with real life, of course >.>

I’ll do this DEFINITELY sometime AFTER April 2! :100: I promise <3

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Here’s my version of the challenge. I hope you like it :blush:


No worries at all, I understand very well what it is to get super busy, haha.

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This looks AMAZING! Thank you so much for doing that :smiley:


Oh I’ll definitely try to do this!! Love the drawing :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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I haven’t drawn from scratch in months and the hair is half-assed, but eh. :rofl:


Oh my god what have I done


You tried and that’s all that matters.

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Is that on your arm? Officially the first reply I’ve seen with it on skin, haha, I love it. XD

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Remember, this isn’t just for MY ‘in your style’. If someone else has a picture they want to see people redraw, post it!:smile:



all of you really talented though fr

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