Drawing contest! *Prize for winners*

Hey everybody!!
I’m hosting a drawing contest!! The theme is… Drum roll please… CLUB! To enter the contest draw a woman/man dancing in a club of your choice! For the first winner, she/he will become a main character and have a shout-out. For the second winner have a cameo and a shoutout, and for the third a shoutout!
The closing date will be Sept 15th.
So far these are the people that have entered:


Comment on this if you have any questions, also submit your artwork here with #entryforcontest, thanks!

I’ll enter

Perfect! Thanks! Goodluck!!

Thanks! Also when is the deadline I wanna try my best for 1st place lol

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Sept25th you got time

Can I enter

Of course!!!

Maybe I’ll enter
probaly will.

@ people

Haha lil copetition!

It’s like hand drawing art right

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Yeah, goodluck!

It’ll be done in like an hour cause I’m hungry and am going to make food

Lol yay

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Ok lol

Should I add you to the contestant board @L.I.W.F ? Are you entering?


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Yes please thank you


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