Drawing contest! *Prize for winners*








Good job to everyone! And congratulations to the winners!


Btw, I am still going to mention @Lunar_Rose and @ChayChay a shoutout in my story because their art was amazing too!


Not all the people that entered subed their art by the way


Omygosh I won! Thank you sooooo much!

Do we get anything? Or is their just winners announce.

Either way it is perfectly fine!


Yep! A cameo and a shoutout!


Okay awesome!


Oml I missed the contest? I am so sorry. Well maybe next time.


No problem! I’m hosting I’ll tag you one sec to the next one


Oml awesome!


I just tagged you!




Good luck!


Thank you!


Hey guys! This art contest is closed (sadly), but, there is a new one, it’s called art contest, if you want I’ll tag you.


Congrats to those who won… mine sucked… haha


Awww thank you very much it was a pleasure to join


I missed the deadline I’m soooo sorry


I also missed the deadline I am so sorry Sophie I will Def enter the next one! I think.


No problem!


You better Ray🙄 This is the 3rd one you missed!