Drawing practice. Drawing art for free❤️

Hi for practice I want to draw someone art 2 characters at the hip for free.
You can see my work at the inst @va.arty

Send all your ideas to me in messages.
Important I will only take real complicated work with lots of details, ideas with hugs, kisses I will not take


  • It has to be a couple (guy and girl or girl and girl)
  • You send a good quality photo references: poses of characters, hairstyles, clothes, accessories, a photo of the characters episodes and background

The deadline for ideas is July 23

I will choose one winner whose idea interests me the most and one more person as a bonus

(Art will be done within 3-5 days after announcing the winner)

An example of how the art will be built


uh, would you be interested in an art trade. It’s when we do an art for each other.

I like doing those because I also give something i return instead of just getting free art.


You can practice on one of mine! Do you want me to pm you? :blob_hearts:

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I will collect all ideas until the 23rd


Thanks, but it’s more of a search for interesting ideas for art
I can’t guarantee that I’ll choose your idea.


Send me this in a private message
I only accept requests there


Ok, will do that

Guys all ideas I will collect until July 23, if your pose is not suitable you still have time to change it
Only after the 20th I will not accept changes


A little clarification on the ideas

The art of the two characters will be hip-high
Please consider this fact

Examples of poses I will NOT consider:

Characters in poses that have no dynamics, just two characters standing next to each other

Poses in which you can not see the second character at all and there is only a fragment of his face or no face

This seems like…something I can help with ha
I may come back >_>

Hi, can I send you a message on Instagram with the image of the poses, characters, etc… or should I send it on the forum instead?

Hi on instagram sometimes the images disappear
Better send me all the information in private messages on the forum

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your art is INSANE like damn :weary: you truly have a gift! :heartpulse:


I PMed you :blush:

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Hi guys, everyone who sent me 2 or more ideas
Please choose and leave 1 idea for an art (from the ones you have already sent me) by July 20
After the 20th I will review and choose my favorites, so please do not change anything more



So I was looking through your ideas and so far I’ve identified three favorite ideas.
But you still have time to send me your idea
Perhaps there will still be three winners :open_mouth: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


It won’t let me message you :frowning:

I don’t know what the problem is, but I get messages from other players
Try again

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