Drawing Tips Needed!

Hey loves!

I’m decided that I’m going to start editing, so I downloaded ibis paint x, and I want to know how you guys start the edits. if you guys have any tips you could share, I’d love that! :slightly_smiling_face:


I make my edits by screenshotting the images of the characters needed to me edited. I use YouTube to teach me how to edit outfits, make up, etc…

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darn it it’s the second time you are editing this post arghh, it’s so frustrating

one tip I can give ya’, choose where the light source is coming from. PLEASE. it annoys me so much when there is intense highlight EVERYWHERE. (pfft kinda’ guilty) here’s an example where it’s done right:

and, uh, don’t use pure white and pure black when shading. it just looks kinda harsh:

it is quite hard to blend too!

the highlight tips also are good when editing hair too! don’t just put random horizontal lines over it:

and, when taking screenshots, take one from your mobile for the best quality.


Thank you!


A basic technique I use is that I use the eye drop tool and go over the color under the character’s eyes and then move it moderately to a darker pink or orange color when I shade/contouring


@BoredBabe @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE and @nemimutt all have tips that definitely work. You can also use eyedropper to find the hair color or eyelash color and either do running mascara or add to the hair!

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I really like your drawing, it is very good. Especially for a first try.

I am not an expert in drawing and editing, but I have some tips:

  • Add a little more dimension in the hair. With that, I mean highlights and shadows.
  • The blush on her face is a little bit too much, make it a little bit more subtle. Less is more.
  • There are also some smudges (at the left by the hair, and at the right just above the wrist) make sure that the drawing is nice and clean.

For the rest you did a very nice job, the details are very nice. Keep practicing and I know you will have stunning drawings.


Thank you so much, your advice will help me! :kissing_heart:


Maybe you draw traditional first, than use sketchbook to turn it digital