~Drawing You Guys as Disney Princesses~ Art Series

Hey guys! I’m going to be making an art series where I draw you guys as Disney princesses!
I’m only going to be doing two people per princess and I will choose them in order of who responds first!

Please leave your character details and what princess you want to be :slight_smile:

Jasmine: @Amiraa :heavy_check_mark: / @Sunset_Shimmer
Rapunzel: @Problematic_Patrick :heavy_check_mark: / @Penny2
Snow White: @Em546 :heavy_check_mark: / @FlowerGriefer
Mulan: @Cassandra_Dean :heavy_check_mark: / @SASB
Aurora (Sleeping Beauty): @Erika_R / @KellyT
Cinderella: @irishpotato :heavy_check_mark:
Pocahontas: @keiji :heavy_check_mark: / @Awkward1
Tiana: @LariYaa
Belle: @lvqbrl :heavy_check_mark: / @ellaaaa_03
Ariel: @MystikLunaa :heavy_check_mark: / @eilyk
Moana: @SilverRose / @Nency_episode
Merida: @CrystalKitty / @Oh_hey_its_Minnie
Anna: @Blossomsepisode
Elsa: @Whispering_Flower / @JemU776
Kila: @Oreste_Jackson
Vanellope von Schweetz: @ShortneyShadow / @Amethyst_Dragon


Tiana!! I’ll send u the details!

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I could be mulan?

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I’d like to be Jasmine!

Don’t mind my outfit

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Can Patricia be Rapunzel :crazy_face: Tan, Defined Natural, Black high ponytail, downturned natural brown eyes, soft heart, soft natural, classic slender rupy red lips



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could I be snow white? (my deets don’t match up with her tho)

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can i be belle or ariel??

Can I be Pocahontas?
Soft Heart - Face
Straight Chestnut - Hair
Caramel - skin
Seductive Arch - eyebrows
Upturned Feline (Brown) - eyes
Classic (Terracotta) - Mouth
Elven - Nose

if possible can i be pocahontas

I wanna be cinderelle
Clothes: any
My details won’t fit tho

Can i be aurora?

Sorry it’s already taken :confused: you can be Ariel if you want to :slight_smile:

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sure that be cool :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow that’s amazing! Thank you!

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Instead of drawing me as a disney princess could you draw me as a girl with straight blonde hair that reaches my butt, blue eyes, with a crop top, with high rise really really really short denim shorts, with striper high heeled shoes. Please, please, please.

I could try. Send your character details