\ Drawn Art Covers! / [ Closed to Catch Up]

Hey there! I’ve decided to make a thread dedicated to drawn art only! Read below or check out the examples to decide if you’d like one! Keep in mind I’m only good art INK but will give Limelight a go!

o You must give credit! It takes time and effort to create drawn art! Please do not claim it as your own and be considerate. My instagram is @aims.episode
o Creations take time! If I haven’t replied to your request or it has taken more than a week, feel free to shoot me a message, but please don’t constantly ask when it will be done. I try and do all edits as fast, yet as well as I can.
o Don’t be rude to others! Please don’t start any drama :slight_smile:


Number of Characters:
Skin Tone:
Brow and Brow Colour:
Hair and Hair Colour:
Eyes and Eye Colour:
Face Shape:
Lip Shape and Colour:
Clothing Top:
Clothing Bottom:
Clothing One Piece:
Title of Story:
Author Name:
Additional Text:_
Additional Notes:
Date Needed:


OMG your arts are amazing. :heart_eyes:
Would you also make me an instagram profile picture instead of a cover?

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That’s so kind of you! Thank you so much. :blue_heart:
I will credit you in my bio and I will promote your Instagram site on my site if you want :slight_smile:


Body: Olive
Brow: Defined Natural
Hair: Straight (Fawn)
Eyes: Round Bold (Brown)
Face: Soft Heart
Nose: Soft Natural
Lips: Classic (Ruby Red)

Striped Tank Top (Peach) and Black Ridged Moto Jacket
Leather Leggings (Black)
Black Holiday Sequin Heels
Hipster Glasses (Black)

sure! What kind of pose did you want?

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Sorry I forgot to tell you.
This one if it’s possible:

It’s talk forward.

of course! I’ll get onto it!

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Thank you so much :blue_heart:

Hey I’d just like to say I love your cover arts and style of drawing <3 I’m hoping if I could also request one as well!

Thank you! Of course you can!

Thank you so much!
Number of Characters: 2 (1 boy & 1 girl)
Skin Tone: girl-olive, boy-light
Brow and Brow Colour: girl- defined natural &black, boy- thin arch & dark brown or black
Hair and Hair Colour: girl-long curly hair & black, boy-SoCal flip Blond
Eyes and Eye Colour: girl-upturned feline & brown, boy-deepest piercing & green
Face Shape: girl-soft heart, boy- defined triangle
Nose: girl-elven , boy-button
Lip Shape and Colour: girl-blossom lips & taupe, boy-uneven & blush
Accessories: girl-diamond ring (engagement) & retro mechanic hat,
Clothing Top: girl-retro mechanic top, boy- valentine black jacket
Background: simple baby pink background
Title of Story: A pinch of sugar
Author Name: Sam_C
Pose/Additional Notes: so for this I was wondering if you could do like one of those prom picture poses where the girl has her hand on the guy’s chest so she can show off her engagement ring since the story is about like a marriage deal.
Date Needed: You can take your time making it since I know these aren’t easy to do but hopefully you can get it done by the end of November !

AND thanks again so much I appreciate it! Just let me know if there’s something wrong!

with the pose did you want it like this? with eyes open though?

ignore the boy, he was my first lol


Yes that’s perfect!

Hey girl! I changed the hair a little bit I hope you don’t mind! I can change it if you’d rather the straight down!



OMG it looks amazing :sob::sob: Thank you so much! You’re so talented

That’s alright girl! Thanks for requesting!

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Hi could you make a pfp instead of cover? Your art is amazing :purple_heart::purple_heart::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Omg your art is gorgeous but I wanted to check if you would be okay with me requesting a splash instead?


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of course you can!

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