Drawn Art Edits (Characters) - (By LivLoveDance7)

Hi guys, I’ve recently been working on some character edits.
I need some more avatars to edit so…, please post your character details xx

FYI, One edit does usually take around 1-2 hours so I don’t know how fast the edit will be done

Also, please credit me when you use it (@LivLoveDance7) and follow me on Instagram (@Livlovedance7.episode)

I may post some of my edits on my Instagram account so if you have an episode instagram account please tell me so I can tag you in it!

Here is an example:



May I request one


Let me gather the details

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SKIN ~ Toffee
BROWS ~ Seductive Arch
HAIR ~ Fishtail Braid
EYES ~ Upturned Feline/Brown
FACE ~ Soft Heart
NOSE ~ Aquiline
LIPS ~ Full Round/ Toffee

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hi that is amazing! do you also edit limelight characters?

Yes I do.

Hi! I love ur edit! Can I maybe… probably have one as well?? Only if you do LL characters

Yeah sure xx

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SKIN: Gold 04
BROW:Arched Thin, dark brown
HAIR:Sleek Ponytail, black
EYES: Deepset downturned, brown black
FACE: heart soft
NOSE: Round Downturned
MOUTH: Full Wide, red deep gloss

Thank you so much for this!

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Hi, I liked your example & I wanted to know if you could make me one to ?

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Sure np xx Happy to help

Hi, do you want the character to be wearing glasses in the edit?

Can I get an edit? I love your work btw.:heart:

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Your work is awesome! :heart_eyes:
Skin: gold 02
Eyebrows: round medium (dark brown)
Hair: crew cut (dark brown)
Eyes: round downturned wide (blue green)
Face: round soft
Nose: round button
Mouth: medium thin (beige light gold matte)

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That would be so wonderful!
here is my character details:

SKIN: neutral 04
BROW: arched thin high; deep brown
HAIR: long feathered; blue black
EYES: deepset downturned; blue deep
FACE: triangle defined
NOSE: defined natural
MOUTH: full round pouty; pink warm gloss

thanks again anbd there is absolutly no hurry at all. :star_struck:


@AMagic here is your edit. I hope you like it! Please credit me when you use it!

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LOVE IT how do I credit

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Well if you post it anywhere you just need to mention that it was made by me.
If you decide to use it as a profile pic, credit me in your bio. xx

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