Drawn Art Edits (Characters) - (By LivLoveDance7)


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It’s limelight, so the details are:
Skin tone: Gold 03
Brows: Arched Natural
Hair: Black/Long Double Dutch Braids
Eyes: Grey Cool/Female Generic
Face: Diamond
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Rose Matte/Full Heart Pouty

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Do you do character edits for covers too

I do make covers and I can add characters to them. I only edit one character. (This is because I have a lot of other people wanting edits)

@LivLoveDance7 when will you be able to have my art edit done ? Not rushing you, just curious.

Yes, I will be doing it. There is a waiting list. Yours should be done in the next few days

@ASJhaven here is your edit. I hope you like it! Credit me when using it. xxx

I didn’t know if you wanted glasses or not. Here is both options:

@Gen17 here is your edit. Credit me when using. Thanks xx I hope you like it!

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Can I get an edit?

Sure xx

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Thank you!
You’re really amazing at your work!

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It looks great! Thank you so much and I’ll definitely give credit

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Do you want me to add a background?

Sure that would be cool

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SKIN: Copper 08
BROW: Round Medium | Dark Black
HAIR: Afro | Dark Black
EYES: Deepset Downturned | Brown Black
FACE: Triangle Defined
NOSE: Round Downturned
MOUTH: Full Round Flat Top Skin | Red Deep Matte

Your edits are amazing btw!!! :heart_eyes:

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@cc_episodewriter here is your edits. I hope you like them. Ones with crown ones without.

@Gen17 here are 4 options of backgrounds I’ve made:

4 Options


I love them all. Thank you so much!

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WOW !!! You did such an incredible hob! i love it! Thank you so much :heart_eyes:
btw my instagram is @cc_episodewriter

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@bossyroxy411 Sure, please tell me the details

@xXMagicalUnicornXx What are the details for that character?

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