Drawn characters for practice! 🖌 🎨

Okay!! I’m sorry that i don’t have a character card.
Here are my details :blue_heart:


Face. Diamond
Skin. Rose 02
Hair. Long curls (black dark)
Eyes. Deepset downturn ( black)
Eyebrows. Arched natural ( black dark)
Nose. Defined natural
Mouth. Small heart (matte peach)



You can use any pose you find easy :blue_heart::blue_heart:

Thank you so much and yes please PM me once you’re done :blob_hearts: :relaxed:

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No worries! Thanks sweetie I’ll make sure to PM it to you when I’m finished :heart:

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Sure thank you :heart:

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I sure am taking my sweet time :roll_eyes: Sorry for the long wait to everyone who is expecting a result, I should be submitting it soon. Thanks for you patience whoever sees this :see_no_evil: :blob_hearts:

Edit-should be giving them back next week!

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Hey, i would love if you did mine! You can do whatever pose you want.


I would loved if you Pmed me the result!

no problem! I’ll PM it to you as soon as I can

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