Drawn cover art for murder-mystery?

Is someone able to make cover art for my story? Drawn preferably? I only wanted art for the my male LI, and it’s a murder-mystery-romance story.
I guess drawn can be a bit too much to ask so if someone can make good character edits I’d love that too! :slight_smile:
I’m dying to publish it but can’t find any artists that hand-draw,

My friend was supposed to be making art for me but she never got back to me and I figured I’d look around and see…


I can totally do that for you!

Do you want it hand drawn, or is drawing on like a drawing tablet okay? I can do either one…

Can I PM you? :slight_smile: And do you do drawn or edited covers?

Sure, PM me!

Well what I do is I’ll sketch out the characters, and then add details, and then I’ll color it. It can be on paper, or digital, really.

It’s usually digital

do you still need it

Seems like Maliyah has it covered but I’ll keep you both as references for future requests :grin: