Drawn Cover Art Help!

Hello! I have just decided to continue my story in a bit of a different direction, and, therefore, need new cover art with my new title! My story is about a girl, named Lizzy, who was physically abused by her ex boyfriend. She is terrified of falling in love again because of the pain she suffered in her last relationship. She meets a new kid at school who seems to care for her and want to make sure she’s okay but Lizzy is too afraid to speak her truth.

The title of my story is ‘If Only You Knew’.

This photo is the art that I previously had and I would LOVE if someone could make me something similar but with my new title. ALL WORK WILL OF COURSE BE CREDITED IN THE STORY :heart: :heart: :heart:


Can’t you change the words?

:heartpulse: Epi Lair Art Shop :heartpulse: [Valentine’s cards and pfps!]

You can request there!


I would if I could! Someone else made this amazing art for me but she doesn’t do covers anymore :slightly_frowning_face:


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Do you have the background as its own picture? If so, send it to me - along with this cover - via DM. I may be able to fix the words for you!