Drawn cover art needed for free!

Hey, guys, I’m starting a new story and I would really like a drawn cover for it. I can’t afford to pay anyone so I need it to be free. I would like if you could give me some examples of your work :slight_smile: Thank you guys so much its very appreciated!


Hey, you can check out all these art shops, they have really talented artists :relieved: The Complete List of Everything - Updated! {Art Shops, Reviewers + More!}

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Ink ir LL

The story is LL

Cool, @epy.oceanblue on ig is open

I may be able t do it, depending on what you want :blush: You can check out my IG for examples of what I’ve done. @emmaj.stories. Hmu if yo have questions :two_hearts: :two_hearts:

This is the cover I made for my own story.


hey you can request in both shops they are free :sparkling_heart:
:black_heart: Episode Blacklight Shop :black_heart: (open)
Calista Hwang and Invisible Waffle’s Art Shop! [OPENED]