Drawn cover art wanted (:

Hi I’ve gone into lots of shops but there not active/closed so can someone make me a semi realistic drawn small and large cover (drawn) :blush: I will credit you but I can’t pay :moneybag: here are the deets:



Body: Female generic neutral 02
Eyebrows: Round Medium
Hair: short wavy ombre warm white
Eyes: deepest downturned blue aqua
Nose: defined natural
Face: Square defined
Lips: Small heart peach gloss

Something that suits her basically whatever the hell u want :wink:

Jay Jay

Darlys Digital Dating Guide

Something cheeky or mischievous :smirk:



Anything else
Can the ‘a’ in dating be a heart if possible

I dont mind if u change some things :blush:

If you need any more info dm me :blush:


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If you want realistic, you’ll have to pay.

If you can’t, you’re probably going to end up with an edit of some type.

I am hosting a giveaway with someone of Instagram, and the prizes are paid for by us for art.

k thx

I can help you with the art you need
this is the link of my store