Drawn **COVER** for my story! 🌌

Is there anyone willing to help me with a cover for my story? Would you be able to do it in this style(?)

If you’d be able to do it, it would be GREAT! :heartbeat:

But if you don’t use this style to edit covers, please tell me which kind of styles do you use to!

  • Credit will be given to the creator, of course!

Thank you.:heartpulse:


Hi! I just wanted to tell you that few people would do this kind of work for free! But you can find very talented artist who make edits here on the forums for free, just look into request groups! Hopes this helped a little and good luck!


Thank you so much. I know it’s not easy to find someone working the style I would want to for this cover, but any type of cover would work , if someone s interested , please comment. :heartpulse:

Hmm… I see barley any artists that do that style, to be completely honest with you…

If they did, it 99% wouldn’t be for free


That’s so true. :heart:

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Yeah, I understand.
Any cover would work for me.

Well that I think is possible (maybe not here tho) but if you want this kind of experienced artist you’ll need to be able to pay sadly.

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Oh - then you have many choices. There are art groups, or you could go onto a thread where artists share their art and check out if they take requests if you like the style of their art?

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I can try, but I might take a long time to get it done…?

Any cover would work for me… I know is complicated get this type of cover, but the matter is that I need a cover, so no matter if it’s not the style I would want it to be.

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Do you have a certain date you need it by, if you’re interested in having me do it? :sweat_smile:

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No, I don’t… I have no rush since I m still working on my first epidodes… If you could help me it would be great​:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

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Lol that’s nice to know! I’ll probably be able to finish this by Sunday (at earliest) to next sunday (at latest)… What do you want on the picture / character details? Also, my style if in Limelight, not Ink, as of right now.

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Ooh, I need a cover in Ink style :disappointed_relieved:

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