Drawn Cover needed anyone?

Hey i need someone that can draw a story cover can anyone help??

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Hi, I might be able to help you!
I have no finished examples, but here are some anyways

PM me if you like them and Ill help u out

+its free

Do you have a Instagram

No sorry

Will contact you here no worries

Alrighty. Just PM me pictures of the character(s), background, poses, and clothing and Ill be all set :grinning:

if you’re looking for a paid artist my commissions are open and you can find my prices and examples here :point_down:

Alright will do… My friend will be contacting you i was finding someone for her so she can have some help i did jt for her she will be contacting you shortly

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I found someone thanks anyways

Okay, great!

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do you make your profile @Raitlyn