Drawn covers for free?

Hi there I’m looking for anyone or any art shops that do covers drawn and are willing to take my request for free.
I’m wanting a cover in LL version if anyone can get it done in preferably less than a week let me know!
(feel free to pm me too)


@M_H_C_Episode has a list of art shops

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how many characters?
full body or waist - up?

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I have an art shop you can request at

Line’s Free Artshop (OPEN) - Creator’s Corner / Art Resources - Episode Forums (episodeinteractive.com)


2, waist up

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@Mia_writes2 Hey, I am happy to do it for free. I would love to give you some examples of what I can do. I can do a style that is close to and resembles LL or I can do a more realistic. I can definitely do it within a few days. If you are interested you can follow and dm me on Instagram @b_artist04 Thank you!

Sure that would be great! I’ll send you the details soon

Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 1.46.12 pm
Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 1.44.54 pm
Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 1.45.37 pm

The title is Before The Storm,
I’d like them to be next to each other from waist up and I’d like the girl to be on the left side and have her head resting on his shoulder. I’d like them to have neutral expressions maybe a little happy/flirty.
For the background, I’d like something kind of eerie so maybe some dark bricks or a dark empty room or even just a plan dark background behind them would be good.
How should I credit you?