Drawn free art needed for my new story brokenpieces!

Hey my new story broken pieces is coming up on the 25th of February and I am in need of a free cover, i do know people who do edits for free but i would really like a drawn art if you can do that for me maybe. reply with examples, thank you very much i appreciate it so much

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Maybe if you can’t find someone you should start off with edit then when you do you can change it

If u are looking for realistic style, you will more than likely have to pay commission (money) since that takes a long time to draw/shade and artists have lives so can’t spend hours upon hours drawing for free.

If u need a cover quickly, edited will be your best option since people who take drawn requests can take anywhere from one week to a month.

I understand and know that i just wanted to try since ive heard that some people do requests here and there.

That’s fine, good luck with your search (:

Hi do you still need an artists or did you find one already? Bc i also take requests

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