Drawn hair tips?

Hi! So I’m very new to drawing and I’d love some hair tips from some fellow drawers! My newest hair peace is down below!!

Hair drawing!


Well, I recommend epsd.tutorials, relle.edits and livs.tutorials as well as episode.tamar hair tutorial in her highlights on instagram!)
Hair may look like that after watching the tutorial by relle.edits:


Heyo that looks gorgeous, the layers of shading are perfect but the strands could be a little more straight or going in the same direction like this and like @/AmeliClemonte said above you couldntry adding highlights too

I got so many tutorials saved on insta

my hair tutorials

new hair tutorial IGTV
older hair tutorial IGTV
Straight Hair Tutorial
Curly Hair Tutorial

more hair tutorials

@epireborn’s hair tutorial
@epsd.tutorials other hair tutorial

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Okay thank you sm!!

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Okay thank you!

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