Drawn LL cover for my story

Can someone please help.me make a cover for my story which is in limelight where the character is seeing a reflection of herself but in a different form.

Here are the character details

The character details is the one that’s not in the reflection because she is going to be looking at the mirror

Body - Gold 03

Brow - Arched Thin(Black Dark)

Hair - Long Down Wavy Princess ( Black Dark)

Her outfit

A line Neck Scoop Cotton Floral Blue Oxford

Ballet Flats Leather Gold

Mirror reflection

Same details from the top but here is the other half

Hair - Long Down Wavy Princess Braid/Pastel Blue

Eyes :Female Generic/ Blue Green

Face : Heart Defined

Nose _ Defined Natural

Lips_ Full Heart Pounty Peach Gloss

Her outfit is

Asymmetrical Test Cotton Navy Blue

Prom Queen Crown Metal Sliver

Single Black Band Crystal Neutral White

Multiple Strap Open Toed High Heels Leather Blue

Thin Heart Earrings Metal Sliver

Pearl Bracelet Grey White

And also she’s the crystal is glowing


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Maybe with photo it was a little easier :slightly_smiling_face:, I can try, but if there will be her look, sorry about that

Oh. It’s fine. Its basically her looking her at reflection but it a different form. Same face and body but different color and hair

Most artists who do LL only take commissions.

Yeah, I know.

OK but I’m just saying it’s unlikely someone will just make a drawn cover for you for free. There are some amazing artists out there and you should take a look. No need to be so passive aggressive.

I was wasn’t being passive aggressive so it’s okay. I’m going to close this anyway.

@Sydney_H can you please close this. Thank you

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: