Drawn or edited cover needed 🥺

Hey! So uh… like the title says, I need a cover done for my story :face_with_hand_over_mouth:I dont mind if its drawn or edited. I would normally do it myself seeing as I’ve had more practice woth editing. But I’m still bad at it :sweat_smile:

If you can help, please do let me know!


Its a small cover
Style: INK
how many people: 1
Title: Beautiful Creatures
Authors name: (dont want it on the cover)
Description: When Castville is hit with bombs, the only survivor is Zara. Waking up 50 years later, she discovers the town, and the whole world has been destroyed. But is she the only survivor?

Background: sorta like a fiery, explosion ya know?
Text font and color: something silver and a steele sorta font…
Pose: so something like this (also her eyes full on white glowy

(Yes I made pose myself)
Character details:
Skin: Honey

Eyebrows: Medium soft arch

Hair: Straight (charcoal)

Eyes: upturned feline (toffee/white)

Face: soft heart

Nose: elven

Mouth: full round (terracotta)

Outfit: tank top (black), workout pants (chinchilla grey)


I can help :blush:


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Yes :blush:

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Do u only do ll?

I do Ink and ll


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It’s ink, my story